Is there life after death

Is there life after death

Little did we hear stories that there is a life even after a person has forever, seemingly, left this world. Does the afterlife give people a second chance to experience the feeling that they live, albeit in another, invisible dimension? Is there life after death?

No wonder they say that only the body dies, but the soul remains. Does this mean that when a loved one dies, he does not leave us? So we just stop seeing him and hear? It sounds cynical, but the topic is worth discussing.

A lot of people after losing their loved one and their loved ones feel his presence next door. Skeptics and would be happy to write off all the excessive emotionality and reluctance to let the person out of his subconscious, the game of imagination, etc. But too many people are faced with this mystical

phenomenon. being, as they say, in a sober mind.

To many, the deceased come in a dream to warn about something or just talk. Agree that the dream is the very corner of the subconscious in which everything is real absolutely everything where the most daring dreams come true and sometimes you do not want to wake up to watch the dream to the end. Why do the dead come in a dream? Because otherwise we will never be able to see and hear them. And in vain many people underestimate this phenomenon, saying that “this is just a dream.”

Souls of the deceased really continue to live after the body dies. And some of them can become visible. It’s about ghosts. Who are ghosts? Most often these are the souls of dead people. Have you heard stories about the fact that in his house-museum of the great Russian writer and poet Vladimir Mayakovsky his ghost still lives? That is, his soul? Many workers of various museums associated with the names of great rulers, musicians, sculptors, writers, saw ghosts. This is inexplicable, but, whatever one may say, this is a fact.

Many people even after death do not want to leave their home. And if there are no heirs left after them or the heirs sold the house to strangers, the dead remain to defend the place where they were born, lived and passed away. And, as soon as new tenants

are settling in, unimaginable starts to happen – steps around the room, noise, broken dishes and feral cats. What does the cats have to do with it? It is these animals, according to studies, who are able to see ghosts and very thinly feel the supernatural power beyond the human mind. The intolerable life begins literally. And while the “strangers” will not leave the house forever or invite a priest or psychic to evacuate the spirit to a different world, this nightmare will not stop.

Confirmation of the existence of life after death can become numerous narratives of people who have been in a coma, on the edge of life and death. At the moment when death simply held their hand to take them to their bottomless kingdom, they saw their dead relatives at that end of the tunnel. They walked forward, smiling affectionately and opening their arms. And the man had already taken the first steps to where no one had ever come back, how he was sharply dragged back by the voices of doctors like “we are losing him!” and he opened his eyes, inhaled, or just flinched, realizing that he had just been on the verge.

No matter how hard it was to believe it, life after death exists. Just as there are spirits and ghosts of dead people. This can not simply be attributed to the game of imagination, because this phenomenon has millions of evidences and confirmations. And none of us will be able to avoid this fate, because everyone is born, first of all, in order to die. And with each minute closer that fateful hour, when we have to independently verify whether there is life after death. And everything else that we achieve in life – is given to us only for a while.

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Is there life after death