What and how I learned this summer

In the summer I learned to swim. This happened in the south, in the Crimea in the city of Feodosia, where we all went to rest.

Before that, I did not know how to swim at all. So when we went to the beach, I only looked enviously at the other guys who happily splashed and sailed in the blue sea, for some reason called Black.

I met a boy from a neighboring house. Denis lives near the Volga and therefore very well swims. He asked me if I wanted to learn how to swim. I gladly said that I wanted to. And the next day we went to the beach.

At first it was very difficult, and most importantly, I was scared. Everything seemed to be tired now and drowned. But Denis was always there and supported me in a difficult moment. Spending a lot of effort, I still learned to swim with a breaststroke and on my back. And I learned to rest on the water.

Now I have grown fond of the sea even more and look forward to next summer, when we will again go to the Crimea. There I will again meet with Denis, making friends with whom I realized one simple thing: you can learn anything, just overcoming difficulties. No wonder the folk wisdom says: “Without patience, there is no learning.”

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What and how I learned this summer