Pompadours and pompadours

Pompadours and pompadours

Our young pompadours very often turn to me for explanations, as in this or in the other case it is necessary to act. These appeals put me in great difficulty, because I do not have any secretaries or offices, as a result of which most of the letters I have to leave unanswered. Meanwhile, no one understands me better that uniformity in actions on internal policy issues is not only useful, but also necessary. Therefore, I decided to clarify, although the main points of Pompadour activities, which are so necessary for a beginning pompadour, so that when he comes to the place he is not empty-handed. These are, for example: seeing off, meeting, the relation of pompadours to subordinates, to ordinary people and to the law, the choice of pompadours, etc. I chose the form of the stories, because

it is clearer.

Dry, abstract reasoning is hardly accessible to young people who have been educated in an institution of artificial mineral water, and, in any case, should seem to them unbearable. They will read the stories, and even, perhaps, they will learn. I know that I have by no means exhausted all cases of Pompadour activities, but I am comforted by the fact that I made the first step in this sense. Perhaps others will follow the path indicated by me and bring more clarity and more talent into this matter. I flatter myself with the hope that the gentlemen of the Pom-padura will acquire my book, if only in order to encourage my attempt to shed some light into this peculiar sphere of life activity, in which everything was so dark and vague so far.

“I say goodbye, my angel, to you!”

Very often now we often have to say goodbye to our superiors. The boss will come, he will not get to the “good beginnings” to start right up – look, he has been replaced, the new send! Therefore, the roadway in Wislouhowski Lane and dodnes not finished, and the project on the distribution of the people in the proper feelings and lies in the office is not overwritten.

One chief as he arrived, so first of all he proceeded to break the floor in the governor’s office – and what? to break something

broke, and did not have time to build a new one in its place! “A lot,” he later said, when he said goodbye to us, “I intended to do a lot for the good, yes, it seems, it’s not pleasant to my friends, my God!” Indeed, his new general came to the scene and immediately judged that the floor had to be broken not in the office, but in the living room, and accordingly he made the proper order. Consequently, if this general is soon dismissed, then another general, perhaps, will find that it is necessary to break the floor in the dining room, and thus the whole gubernatorial house will gradually repack, and “good beginnings” still will not be carried out. They say that it is so necessary.

They say that it was previously possible to sit in one place, because then nothing more was required from the administrator, except that he was the administrator; now it is supposedly required that he, in addition, understand some “essence”. I suppose, however, that all this is one empty fanabery, for, in my opinion, every person every “essence” is always able to understand: it is only to inspire. They object to this, that sometimes such an “essence” happens, which, it would seem, is ashamed to inspire, but this objection is obviously non-existent, because a person who is reliable and well-disposed of nature itself is endowed with such inner leaven that contains material for every kind of “essence”; consequently, here even the suggestions of direct ones are not necessary, but it’s enough to just start the hook:

I will say, for example, to myself: make me governor – I will be governor; make censor – I will be a censor. In the first case: I will break the roof of the governor’s house, distribute the hospital, bleach the ceilings in the offices and collect the old arrears; if, in addition, it will be necessary to do some more “essence” of something, and “essence” will do: you will be satisfied.

Pompadours and pompadours