Love of nature essay

In order to write about nature, you need not only to love, but also to know it well. Reading the story of M. Prishvin’s “Pantry of the Sun”, you immediately understand that the writer is familiar with his native land and is always ready to share his knowledge with the reader. So, for example, we learn that “the sweetest cranberry happens when it hibernates under snow”, that peat bogs – this is the real storehouse of the sun, because “the hot sun was the mother of every blade of grass, every flower, every marsh berry “who,” dying and decomposing, turned into hot peat. “

MM Prishvin leads us along with his heroes in the autumn forest. Nastya and Mitrasha are not newcomers to the forest, and the writer is proud that such small villagers not only know how

Independently earn their own bread, but they also behave competently in the melting unexpectedness and danger of the forest. Even in trouble, they were able to get

out of it with dignity, gaining new experience and drawing the appropriate conclusions.

In M. Prishvin’s fairy tale “The Storehouse of the Sun” nature helps a person, warns of danger – one must only be able to hear her voice. And for this it is necessary to love your land, every twig and flower, every bird and bunny, as they are loved by the main heroes of the fairy tale and the writer himself.

The wealth and beauty of the world of nature are revealed in their work by many Russian writers. But if Feta is attracted by nature in its variability, the constant change of conditions, if in the works of Turgenev, Nikitin, Paustovsky, the main idea is the harmony of man and nature, then Prishvin puts questions about the meaning of life in his works. He reflects himself and makes us think about how to live, to leave his mark on the earth. He teaches to love everyone, keeping attention to everyone.

In his stories we feel a great love for nature and man, and these two concepts for Prishvin are inextricably linked. The love of a writer for nature is born from his love for man, and all his

works are filled with kinship attention to man and to the land where this person lives and works.

So, for example, in the “Forest Drop” writer seeks to find “the key to his own soul.” This book is filled with his accurate observations, precise descriptions of nature, and at the same time the author writes about the moral searches of man, about feelings that fill the soul. Reading the miniatures included in the collection, we, as if with the author, hear the ringing of the “forest drop”, are enchanted by the smell of “hazel haze” and understand that all this beauty must be preserved and preserved so that others may admire it.

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Love of nature essay