Lake in the forest

This story was told to me by my friend Zhenya, and to him his uncle, an avid hunter and fisherman. Alexander Alexandrovich, Zhenya’s uncle, traveled all over Russia-Mother, saw many interesting and surprising things. I myself saw him only a couple of times, but my friend always on occasion will tell a couple of uncle stories. So, I will proceed to one of them, in my opinion, deserving special attention. Alexander Alexandrovich was on another trip somewhere in the Urals.

Upon arrival at the AA vacation spot, I beg to excuse my reduction, and with a friend settled with a local forest ranger, their old friend. The weather was excellent, if you do not take into account the fog, which then appeared sharply, it also quickly disappeared. In those places, AA says, it’s not uncommon. The hunting was a success, that neither day, but prey, and fishing was good.

From the local river, the channel went into the forest, and a fairly large forest lake extended through the swampy

terrain. AA with a friend and disappeared there for days on end, you want to fish, you want to hunt, beauty. One day, as usual, coming early in the morning to the lake, they blew the boat and went fishing. Cleves could not but rejoice, one by one large copies of the carp were sent to the cage. When the first rays of the sun began to show over the forest, the fog descended on the lake.

The veil wrapped everything so much that even a meter away from itself it was impossible to see anything. The peasants decided to row to the shore. Suddenly a light appeared to the right of the boat, which was approaching nearer and nearer. When the light came very close, AA saw the boat, and in it a man with an old large kerosene lantern. The boat with the stranger approached almost closely, and the stranger muttered: “You would have sailed from here, while you were safe, or the fog has descended, now it will be caught by a steamer or a barge – and you will not have time to shout.” The boat with the stranger swam further, and AA and her friend looked at each other in bewilderment.

Like, what a barge, which

steamer, to the river is not less than three kilometers, and the lake is shallow, swampy and not navigable, and even if the channel is shallow and narrow, the ship will not pass through it. And then, from the opposite shore of the lake, a steam horn sounded distinctly. AA with a friend completely puzzled, because this can be. The fog cleared in fifteen minutes, but neither the boat nor the man in the boat, who grumbled at them, was on the lake. After collecting the boat and tackle, the men went to the forester’s lodge, cooked their ears and rested before the evening hunt.

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Lake in the forest