My favorite teacher

A teacher is one of the most important professions on earth. Teacher for students should be like the parent. After all, from the way he teaches children how he can explain the subject, how he will convey his thoughts to them, how he can make children listen to him, the level of the child’s knowledge depends, which means, possibly, his profession in the future.

My school has my favorite teacher. This Prishchep Tatyana Nikolaevna is a teacher of foreign literature, which is also a class teacher. She teaches us this discipline from the fifth grade and every lesson for all of us is a real discovery.

In her lessons she reveals to us the magic world of literature, teaches us to take from books all the best and eternal, teaches us to reflect on what we read, to reflect on the actions of the characters. It teaches us to analyze what we read, trying to understand what the author wanted to convey to his readers with his story. It teaches us to put ourselves in the place of heroes and decide for ourselves how we would act in this or that situation. It was my beloved teacher who opened the whole charm of reading books to many of us, so now we read literature not only by compulsion, but also on our own, so that we can immerse ourselves briefly in the wonderful world that is hidden in them.

But besides this, Tatyana Nikolayevna sometimes just talks with us, as with adults. She discusses with us the political situation in the country and the world, calls us to talk about good and evil, teaches us to be kinder, more attentive to other people, to come to the aid of those who are in trouble. In her lessons she is never bored or uninteresting, because she calls us all to talk, reflections, arguments, which stop only when the teacher calls us to silence and tells new material.

I believe that this should be the teacher. And if every teacher sincerely loves what he does, then we will also like to learn.

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My favorite teacher