Summary of “A Dignified Bachelor” by Doyle

To Sherlock Holmes, Lord Saint-Simon calls for help. A year ago, traveling around the USA, the lord met a charming girl, Miss Hetty Doran, the daughter of the richest gold owner on the entire Pacific coast and a violent character. The girl came to London and they got engaged. Before the wedding, Hetty was in a great mood, building plans for their life together. In the same mood she was at the wedding ceremony. Returning from the altar, the bride dropped a bouquet near the front bench, and a man, far from the circle of Lord St. Simon, gave it to her.

Lord Saint-Simon was scandalized by his former passion, the dancer Flora Miller, who wrote threatening letters to him after learning about the upcoming wedding. Anticipating this, the Lord placed policemen near the house.

Returning home in a not so good mood, Hetty immediately began to tell her maid, who came with her from America. The Lord heard only the words “seizure of someone else’s site.” Then she went

to the dining room, not wanting to take her husband by the arm. After sitting for about ten minutes, she got up and left, no one else saw her. The maid said that Hetty threw a road coat on the wedding dress, put on her hat and left the house. There she was met by Flora. The police decided that Flora had arranged a trap for Hetty and arrested her, but the dancer denied everything.

The Lord withdraws, leaving the great detective to reflect on his problem, but then Inspector Leistred appears. In the pond was found a bag with the clothes of Lady Saint-Simon. In the pocket of the dress they found a note, in which it was written that Hetty should immediately leave. Instead of the signature were the initials F. HM Inspector does not doubt that this was written by Flora. But Holmes looks at the other side of the piece of paper, which turns out to be a scrap of bill from an expensive hotel.

Holmes goes on business, and soon a messenger arrives, which brings a luxurious dinner. After him come Holmes and Lord St. Simon. There is also a young couple – Mr. and Mrs. Multon. Mrs. Moulton runs up to Lord Saint-Simon

and asks for his forgiveness.

Hetty and Frank Moulton met at the mines and fell in love. Hetty’s father attacked the gold mine and got rich, and Frank’s plot did not yield any income. Hetty’s father did not want to hear about such a marriage. Then Frank decided to go away in search of happiness, but before they left she and Hetty got married secretly. After a while, Hetty received news of Frank’s death. The girl fell ill with grief. Then she met Lord Saint-Simon and decided to marry him, although she continued to love Frank. She walked to the altar with a firm intention to do her duty, but then she saw Frank in the church. Raising the bouquet, he handed her the note. Having improved the moment, Hetty escaped. On the street a woman approached her and began to say something about the past of the lord, but she did not even listen to her and sat in the carriage. The couple expected to leave, but Holmes, who found them,

The guests leave, and the great detective explains the course of his reasoning. The bride went to the crown voluntarily, but immediately after the wedding repented. What happened? It is clear that a man was involved, especially since someone gave her a bouquet. Having seen the expense of an expensive hotel, Holmes simply found a guest with the initials familiar to him on the note.

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Summary of “A Dignified Bachelor” by Doyle