Summary “50 days before my suicide” Kramer

Summary “50 days before my suicide” Kramer

The work presents the history of the 16-year-old girl, it is said about the world around her. The main character of the story, Gloria McFinn, is an ordinary teenager. She, like everyone else, goes to school, spends a lot of time on the Internet, and draws well. However, at some point the girl realizes that she wants to commit suicide. Gloria decides to give herself 50 days to find the reasons why life is worth.

Many adults now probably thought that this is an ordinary teenage quirk. But in fact, everything is not so simple. Gloria had to face many problems. Divorce of parents for whom she is a burden, problems in her personal life, betrayal of her best friend – all this fell to her lot.

Of course, you will say that all this will pass sooner or later, that you need to

live further. Indeed, this is so. However, for teenagers, a little stupid, still not independent, unable to cope alone with all the ills, to withstand all this is very difficult. After all, many of you probably visited someday the idea of ​​suicide because of the many problems that were piling up. Such a moment at least once attacked almost everyone. So, in Gloria, a 16-year-old teenager, it happened. By the way, our heroine is a modest girl who did not have much popularity in school and did not, in general, stand out from the crowd.

The beginning of the misfortunes that fell to the share of Gloria

The problems of the girl began after her father changed her mother, who in revenge changed him. They practically stopped talking and were going to get divorced. In addition, Gloria fell in love with Matt, the best friend’s boyfriend. She was constantly beside them and she had to watch the ostentatious love of Teaser and Matt. It was very frustrating girl.

Continuation of trouble

However, these events are only the beginning of the misfortunes that have fallen to her lot. Further, Gloria barely managed to avoid rape. Her best friend fell in love with a guy who was interested in Gloria, and Matt finally began to pay attention to the main character. However, the graduation party is ruining everything. On

it, Gloria quarrels with Teaser, Matt leaves her, and she herself is deprived of virginity with a “botan” from her class. And in the family of the girl the atmosphere is gradually heated. With her consent, the mother decides to go to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. And the father brings home the teacher, whom the main character hates.

Gloria nerves can not stand

Gloria, basking in her thoughts that everything will soon be all right, that it remains only to suffer a little, decides to radically change her life. She quarrels with Teaser even more, defending Rebecca, a brand-new girl in the class. However, at one point, her nerves finally give up. In the end, the girl decides to quit school. It happened after the betrayal of a friend. After that the main heroine of the work “50 days before my suicide” decided to radically change its appearance. The content of further events is obvious – together with the change in appearance, life must change, as it happens.

The Abduction

Together with Rebecca, she finds herself in a van of musicians, who takes them from Florida. The girls at first thought that they had been kidnapped, but then they realized that this was a good event in their life, in which new colors were simply added.

A new life and a new disappointment

So, this adventure is involved, too, Rebecca, Gloria’s new girlfriend. This girl, frankly, is essentially a nun. But for Gloria and Rebecca a new life begins. Together with Steve, Alex and Jay they travel around the world. The guys get into various troubles, after which they begin to love life. Gloria in Steve’s face finds something more than just a friend. However, at a time when her life is improving, misfortunes are again falling on her head. Rebecca dies while the police take the children. Gloria returns home. She has to part with her friends, whom she has grown very fond of. For all the acts committed by Gloria, she faces a prison. The girl again disappointed in life. She firmly decides to commit suicide.

Gloria does not give up

It seems that the girl finally lost her taste for life and will certainly commit suicide. Moreover, returning home does not bring her joy. However, knowing now the price of life, she decides to start all over again. And this succeeds Gloria from “50 days before my suicide.” The author completes his work with a life-affirming note.

Advantages and disadvantages of the work

According to the readers’ feedback, the product deserves about 8 points out of 10. Two of them can be taken away for the excess of tear-stained scenes and the lame literacy “50 days before my suicide.” Quotations from it nevertheless already with might and main walk on expanses of the Internet, and the book becomes more and more popular. In general, many believe that this is a real masterpiece.

Of course, the plot of it is not very believable (although, if you think, life happens and not that), but after reading it, many discover something for themselves. Of course, it’s not that there is no meaning in life, not this. The prisoners in the work of thought are really smart. It is thanks to this that the book “50 days before my suicide” is interesting. Quotations from her are sometimes very witty. “Youth is given to us for mistakes and crazy acts,” the author notes. Thanks to all this, in old age we become wiser and calmer. The experience is important for us to teach our children something. This thought, of course, is not stupid.

It should be noted that the work is written by a teenager and is intended for teenagers, which in itself is a huge plus. The fact that representatives of the same generation understand each other better is obvious. Numerous reviews indicate that the work “50 days before my suicide” is very exciting. Briefly describing their attitude towards him, many write that they read this book in such a way that they lost track of time. The author can not be denied the ability to captivate the reader.

Is it just for teenagers that the work “50 days before my suicide” will be interesting?

The testimonies testify that this book was enthusiastically received not only by the young generation, but also by mature people. This is very revealing. In the book, many have reflected their own fears and fears, which they had to face in their youth. In this period it seems that the problems that fall on us are individual. However, many of us experienced similar events. The book allows you to do it again.

Related artworks

It is rather difficult to find works that look like “50 days before my suicide.” The testimonies indicate that some resemblance to the book of Stace Kramer can be found in Steven Chbosky’s “It’s Good to Be Quiet”, Laurie Anderson’s “Speak,” and also in the books of John Green and Anna Gavalda. However, they still differ in many respects from the work “50 days before my suicide.” Similar books are not easy to find. It is clear that the author did not focus on other writers, but went her own way. Therefore, the book “50 days before my suicide” can be considered a unique creation. The reviews of her numerous admirers allow us to say that it is worth reading, especially if you are a teenager who has had to face similar problems.

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Summary “50 days before my suicide” Kramer