What should be the school change and why?

I think the school change should be for everyone different. One wants to quietly sit in a chair and relax, listen to gentle music, accompanied by the rustle of waves and the cry of seagulls. The other needs to eat tightly. The third is to run with the ball or play table tennis. We are all different and can not desire the same thing.

Hence, the school must necessarily have a room for psychological relief. In it – silence, sounds from the noisy corridor will not penetrate due to good isolation. Flowers, aquarium, soft sofas and armchairs, music centers with headphones – all this will help in a few minutes to remove stress, relax.

Buffet is a must for students. And it should work so that there are no queues. Otherwise, the whole change is simply beyond a roll and a glass of tea, and then you will not chew it all up, but swallow it swiftly.

Finally, a special small gym for those who want to actively rest on the break. Here – a table for tennis, balls, skipping ropes, dumbbells, elementary simulators such as a bicycle or a treadmill.

I hope all this will appear in our school in the near future. So it would be desirable to not to wander sadly on corridors on changes and not to sit in a noisy class!

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What should be the school change and why?