Youth all life

Of all Likhachov’s letters, letters of absolutely remarkable, talented, wise, sincere and relevant, and this urgency, I’m sure, will remain eternal, I was especially concerned with Dmitry Sergeyevich’s thinking about youth. His letter made me analyze my thoughts about youth, and I realized how deep the meaning of youth is, maybe even deeper than the meaning of life, since so much later depends on the worldview formed in the young years.

Right now I’m in the tenth grade. I study at school, and then I will continue to receive education at the university. But already now I realize that my “adult life” will not be in any completely different situation, as if in another world. No! I no longer think or do not want to, I do not want to think that completely different people will surround me. I will honestly say: I am absolutely sure, convinced that the friends of youth will be the most faithful, most needed. Why? But because youth is a time of open,

clean, clear relations. Friendship sometimes becomes absolutely random. For example, in a class two girls are sitting at one desk…. At first they just talk, discuss lessons, assignments. And then they have extracurricular general interests, interests. Then, after growing up a bit, the girls understand that they are very expensive and need each other.

So I found my best friend in the main school, who supports me in everything, understands and helps. I also love her very much and with her I experience all the events from her life, whether it’s joy or, which unfortunately happens, grief….

But not only that friendship begins, it is fixed by mutual sympathy, common interests. Everything is then built on sincerity. In their youth, people do not seek profit, gain, they seek a truly kindred soul to support each other, to understand from a half-word. As if from the very beginning, they feel that this understanding soul and kind heart of a friend will remain in their lives forever.

Now I’m not just feeling, I even know for sure that my friends whom I love very much, which I treasure dear,

that is, my best friends, will forever be true, loyal, faithful. And all because I am communicating with them

Strong thread of eternal friendship, was extremely sincere, open. And they, I know, are with me, too. After all, we are young…

My mom and dad, too, often remember young years, tell me about their victories, mistakes and significant events that somehow influenced their future destiny. And I listen to them with genuine attention and enthusiasm. From my mother, I learned that for her the most expensive and significant were friends from the institute, from youth. … At all times it will be so, I’m sure.

Youth – the whole life! Because only at this time I want to be always beautiful, I want to know myself and others, I want to be busy every day, go somewhere, hurry, lead a rich life. Probably, with age will dream of silence, tranquility…

Impulsivity and rhythm are synonyms of youth and at the same time signs of a young life.

Dmitry Sergeevich used in his speech known to all the proverb: “Take care of the honor in his youth.” How important this principle is in a person’s life, which we need to think about already in our youth. It is not for nothing that Likhachev writes that memories of good deeds in old age will please, and about bad ones – do not give to sleep. Honor from the youth should be full of good reviews, conscience – clean and open. That is, we already need to think about our actions, words, thoughts, so that later it would not be painfully painful and unbearably embarrassing.

Generally, our generation, who lives in the era of cruelty, terror, human indifference, should sincerely thank Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev for his wonderful letters about the good and beautiful. These letters are our guidebooks.

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Youth all life