What kind of person is considered a developed person

Every person by nature from the moment of his birth is endowed with some qualities, abilities. This, first of all, certain properties, features of his body. The totality of all these psycho-physiological qualities of a person is called his makings. Such are, for example, visual memory, musical ear, sense of rhythm, etc. Modern science shows that every person has certain talents and abilities. The deposit of a person is the basis of his abilities. The totality of the human makings is called giftedness. The highest degree of manifestation of abilities in a specific field, the achievement of outstanding results in it are characterized as talent, and the achievement of outstanding results by man simultaneously in many spheres – as genius.

Recognize their abilities a person can by the activity to which he shows interest, has a tendency. But even the best inclinations may not develop in the ability, if there are no conditions for it, first of all, if a person lacks the will, the

desire to constantly engage in activities that would develop his abilities.

Sometimes it seems to the person that he does not have any unusual talents. But each person can develop in himself the ability to generosity, justice, humanity.

Constantly doing something, a person who does not even have this inclination can achieve good results. However, the highest level of skill can certainly be achieved only by a person gifted in this field of activity.

Thus, one can multiply his own natural inclinations or, on the contrary, ruin and even lose. On the one hand, the history of mankind knows many cases when children, who had the greatest makings, remained ordinary people. On the other hand, it is well known that the timely identification and promotion of child development by parents or teachers gives brilliant results.

Most often it happens that it is difficult for a person to see in himself some talent. Then come to the aid of parents, educators, friends. It is very important that people believe in their strength and do not fall into despair, faced with failure. Often people are afraid to do something

new, unusual. This fear paralyzes his mind, creative energy, and the person says that he is incapable. Belief in yourself inspires courage in a person and helps him to act under any circumstances.

Each person learns to live throughout his life. The person’s personality is not something stable, which does not require and can not have any development. Man has a natural desire to develop, to reach for something better, fortunately. If the physical perfection of a person can reach a certain limit, then the spiritual is unlimited.

The dignity of the individual requires that a person as fully as possible can develop all the features. Therefore, society should maximally help a person become fully developed, so that he does not lose something essential in his life. Man also has personal responsibility for his development. Vladimir Monomakh wrote: “… Laziness to all evil mother.” What a man knows, he will forget, what he does not know, he will not learn. “

Deposits are congenital, inherited germs of some traits, abilities or properties.

Development is the process by which the properties of something or someone change, from one qualitative state to another, the higher; develop – become mentally, spiritually higher, better, more perfect, rise in something to a higher level; Developed – has reached mental, spiritual maturity, which has become spiritually higher.

Ability – a natural inclination to anything, a property, a feature, manifested in the ability to do, to implement something.

Talent -1. Outstanding inherent qualities, special natural data. 2. A measure of weight, a monetary unit in some countries of the ancient world.

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What kind of person is considered a developed person