The composition on the theme “Autumn rains”

October already crossed the middle, when autumn finally came into its own. Cold rains seemed to have washed away the colors of gold and purple, leaving only the gray linen base in the rim of the window. Gray, low sky, gray trees sadly swing wet branches, gray houses. Nature has only one paint left, and she uses all of her shades to paint the end of the fall.

Now without an umbrella and a warm knitted scarf, it’s so easy not to go out into the street. Autumn rain, then pounding in the puddles, intensified by gusts of wind, it collects rain dust, for a while as if it stops, it starts again.

I love the rain in the fall. Although walks are now not a debt, as in the clear days of a warm Indian summer, but you can wander along the wet paths of the autumn park. On such rainy days there is an opportunity to be alone with thoughts together with a thoughtful nature. I want to sink a little and have patience, because soon the rain will end and it will be replaced by snow, so

long-awaited and joyful.

In the forest and in the parks, birds have not been singing for a long time, but only the sound of rain, and the crunch of wet branches. The trees almost all threw off the leaves. Here and there was a lonely leaf that was about to be blown away by the wind. The air is wet from the rain and slowly go home, so as not to get wet completely. Look back in the direction of the brooding forest, and you will understand – very soon it will be a white, snowy winter.

Evening is now very early. I want to sit by the window with a large mug of hot, strong tea, watch the twilight gathering, and listen to the measured noise of a cold autumn rain.

And in the mornings, as if there was no rain. The sun looked out. It became clear and bright, however, the rays of the November sun no longer warm at all. The puddles dried up or were tightened by the crust of ice. It’s nice to tread on the earth that has been frozen for a night. The steps are booming, like walking on a wooden pavement. On such a morning it’s good to be in a clear, sunlit, quiet forest after the heavy rains. You can collect the last mushrooms that have escaped the frost, search for red sprinkles of cranberries along the roadside or heavy, already pouring with the tart sweetness of the clan of the Kalina.

The bright autumn day has come to an end. Tomorrow it will rain again, and there the snow will cover the frozen earth with a feather blanket.

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The composition on the theme “Autumn rains”