Spring day composition

After a cold winter, finally, there comes a long-awaited warming. On a clear spring day, do not want to sit in the room. I want to go out and just walk, breathe the fresh air, bask under the tender sun, listen to the birds singing, watch the awakening of nature.

The spring day fills the air with the scents of wet earth, young greenery, first flowers. Spring has prevailed in the world. Under the rays of the warm sun, snow melts quickly, only here and there small ice islands still remain in the shade. Spring drops on the window sills. Quickly dry puddles on the asphalt, and the ground is covered by a green carpet of fresh grass.

The day became longer, warmer, more sunny. The southern wind blows and the white-winged clouds chase across the sky, and then their big shadows run fast on the ground. From everywhere you can hear the singing and the turmoil of birds that have taken up the construction of their homes high on trees or under rooftop roofs. With every minute the world around changes before our eyes, the nature warmed by the sun revives and blossoms.

The warmth of the spring day awakened the fertile forces of the earth. Here and there, in the grass, the lights of the early spring flowers – snowdrops, violets, kulobok – are lit. Embossed buds on trees and bushes are ready to turn into young leaves. It’s hard to believe. What is more recently, the earth was sleeping under a thick blanket of snow.

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Spring day composition