Composition on the topic of faith

Faith is the inner conviction of a person, his personal truth, truth. Faith is strong and unshakable. There is also such a belief that external circumstances can crush. People believe in God, in higher intelligence, in ideas, in other people and in themselves. From what a person believes or does not believe, his thoughts, actions, behavior also depend.

Often faith is perceived as a synonym for religion. But this is not the same thing. A religious person is primarily interested in rituals, dogmas, and the history of his religion. He goes to church, dresses as prescribed by religion, observes fasts, for example. A believer can not be like that. Faith is deep in his heart. A believer can demonstrate it, or maybe not, because there is no need. But a real, sincere, heartfelt faith seems to illuminate a person from within.

I think that religious feelings can be offended if you dance in the temple, burn sacred books or compose obscene pictures on religious topics. But the feeling

of a sincere believer can not be offended. It’s just impossible. True faith does not depend on external circumstances, on what people say. Faith does not require proof, it differs from reason or knowledge.

Strong faith in anything can do wonders. A person who is terminally ill, believes that the higher powers will help him recover – and he recovers! The young man believes in the idea, for example, of communism, and turns mountains for her. The wife believes that her husband will succeed, for example, with a career – and he really gets it. After all, when people believe in you, it is very strong, it strengthens.

The most difficult moments in life are when faith in something breaks down, when it still does not stand. Someone loses faith in love, someone is disappointed in religion, someone stops believing in a better life. They say that the worst crime is perfidy. That is, intentionally to break the faith of another person into something, to deceive his faith.

I would not call myself a believer, but there is something I believe in. This is the supreme intelligence, justice, what each person in this world receives according to his merits. And I believe in myself, at least I try to believe. In their strength, in their good qualities, in the fact that I will have my place and purpose.

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Composition on the topic of faith