Composition “Late Autumn”

Late fall. Many people consider this time to be boring. sad and sad. Probably, it is. Usually during this period endless rains pour, the sun hardly leaves, birds do not sing, the days look gray, starts to darken earlier. The trees are already completely bare, the leaves are flying around. The sky hangs low in gray clouds. It seems that nature itself is sad that the last crop is harvested, the last birds flew south, the last heat leaves. There are poems from the Russian poet Nikolai Nekrasov, who very accurately draw this unfriendly picture:

“Late autumn, the
Rooks flew away,
Les naked, the
Fields were empty.”

On such days, do not want to go out into the street, and even more so, go for a walk in the forest or even in the park. The land is damp, everywhere slushy, without rubber boots it is unlikely to manage, and in rubber boots – it’s cold. The wind rises so that it breaks the umbrella like a match or just turns it inside out.

Few people like the weather in late autumn. And Alexander Pushkin wrote: “The days of late autumn are usually scolded.” That is, usually people are not at all happy about what the weather offers us at the end of November. They quite rightly scold the end of autumn for bad weather, endless rain and mud. At such a time a person seems very lonely.

But you can also find something pleasant in such weather. For example, in such weather it is very good to read a book or look out the window at the rain and dream. Under the rain perfectly think and dream. This is known, for example, by film directors and often shows heroes who look through the glass on raindrops and at this time they come up with solutions to their problems or some fantastic plans.

But in the late autumn there are very pleasant days. Suddenly, the rain stops and it’s a little warmer, the fog rolls over the ground. Breathe easily. Before the first frost and snowfall a few more days, you can walk without mittens or even without a hat and enjoy the last warm day. In the morning, the whole frost is boring. Thin ice, transparent as glass, will be covered with puddles. Winter is felt close-close, but until the snow falls, autumn is considered a mistress.

And my mother has already prepared warm boots and a down jacket, a warm scarf, and a knitted hat that will have to be worn if snow falls. In the late autumn we are waiting, we will not wait for snow, winter, real frost. Waiting is another mood of late autumn. And it is not at all sad. After all, so much you can only wait for something very good.

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Composition “Late Autumn”