What does it mean to be a citizen and patriot of Ukraine today?

Patriot A person who loves his Motherland is called, defends her interests and authority.

Are all Ukrainians Patriots? What does it mean to be a patriot? How can a person prove his patriotism? Will a person who does not live in the country, or a person of another nationality who lives in Ukraine, be a patriot of Ukraine? People do not talk about such topics on a daily basis. Serious and well-founded answers to them give an idea of ​​the attitude to their people, the state, to themselves. Such thoughts influence the choice of the life path.

Wrong notions about patriotism:

    To become a patriot, one must know the Ukrainian language, know and respect the Hymn of our country, work hard and do not buy foreign products. Patriots do not wear foreign clothes and do not listen to foreign music. Talking with foreigners only in Ukrainian – patriotic. True patriots know only the Ukrainian language. The study of other languages ​​threatens the existence of the Ukrainian
    state. The absence of patriotism is evidenced by the fact that people do not take part in elections. A patriot can not be a person who does not want to work, does not pay taxes, hides his income from the state. The Patriot supports the government and does not criticize it, even if it does not agree with its policies. The government not only should not support the sale of foreign goods, but, on the contrary, must fight it. A patriot is not one,

True patriotism benefits the state, but when they refuse to learn the language and culture of other peoples, from buying foreign goods or from tolerant communication with representatives of other countries, this is a misunderstanding of patriotism that can engender serious conflicts in society. If a person proclaims slogans about the superiority of one people or nationality over others, of intolerance and hostility toward other nations, this is no longer patriotism-it is chauvinism. On the other hand, there are people who consider themselves to be those who belong to the whole world and to humanity in general, and belonging to one country is called limited. They have the right to such a world view, but they can hardly be called patriots.

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What does it mean to be a citizen and patriot of Ukraine today?