What is the responsibility of writing

From people very often you can hear the statement about how important it is to be responsible. On the one hand, the reasons for this are quite understandable. On the other hand, it is never superfluous to understand the seemingly obvious things in order to find such an important truth there. So, what is responsibility, what exactly is being invested in it, and why is it so important to be responsible in the modern world?

It seems that responsibility in itself is not a person’s quality. It simply defines some of the feelings and reactions. I believe that, speaking of responsibility, it is rational to mean readiness for responsibility and a sense of duty. In readiness for responsibility, I mean a person’s awareness of the fact that the consequences of their actions can not go anywhere. You just need to understand that if you do something, then this entails certain consequences. For example, if you commit a crime or an offense, you will be criminally or administratively


Offenders can expect that they will be able to escape responsibility – this is different. But the commission of something without awareness of the consequences is a completely irresponsible act. However, this applies not only to relations with the state. In addition, one must remember the responsibility to oneself. If you lead an unauthorized way of life, for example, learn badly, do not go in for sports, do not watch for health, sooner or later serious and unpleasant consequences will come. Failure to understand this is also irresponsible.

As for the second aspect of responsibility – a sense of duty – then it concerns relations with other people. It is well known that we are responsible for those who have been tamed. This is a very wise and correct statement. Absolutely irresponsible is such communication with people, in which we do not take into account their needs, feelings and experiences that are connected with us. For example, you need to feel duty to your elderly parents, to your children, and also to someone who, due to certain circumstances, has become dependent on us in some way.

Responsibility is a general category for several aspects of life. I think that responsibility in the general understanding includes the realization that for all actions sooner or later consequences come, as well as a sense of duty to loved ones and other people. I think that this is the way to understand responsibility and others.

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What is the responsibility of writing