Does a person have the right to revenge?

A person is born simultaneously with activity: for good or for evil. Therefore, there are individuals with a plus sign, and there are – with a minus sign. Those people who do nothing to get rid of their “minuses”, become on the path of crime. What is crime? This is a person’s activity that raises established norms, laws; prohibited activities. In my opinion, crime comes from intolerance, dislike, envy, deception, rancor, revenge.

Biblical wisdom says: “Love your neighbor and forgive all injustices.” Therefore, I believe that revenge is a great sin of a person, which can lead to crime. Man, in my opinion, has no right to revenge, since he was born for love. People should forgive each other, then there will be no room for revenge in their relationship. Regarding the death penalty, I believe that no one has the right to take life from a person. So, probably, there will not be an identical answer to this problem. History shows that the death penalty

did not help to overcome crime at different times. Therefore, this is not an exit and a situation. And I see a way out here alone – in the high spirituality of people. Only a highly spiritual person is able to forgive, respond to evil with good, get rid of fear, open his heart for love and carry it to people.

Every person is a person. Human activity, as psychologists say, is reproduced and creative. Reproduced activity is preparation for creativity, its necessary element, which is characterized by accumulation of facts and data necessary for future creativity. And what is creativity? The most common thought: creativity is the birth of something new, connected with the transformation of a person’s practical experience. There are people who are gifted, endowed with God’s spark, who have great talent – these are people who are constantly working to improve their capabilities, and this is their creativity. Such a t

A warrior is a professional in his field, a highly developed, spiritually rich person who creates the spiritual or material values ​​of humanity. But there are fewer

creative and talented people in the world than creative and hardworking people. Since, in my opinion, creativity is possible in the everyday life of ordinary people. I believe that the housewife, who arranged a magical order in the house, can be called a creative person. And a gardener who grows new varieties of plants is a creative person. During the years of schooling, I have repeatedly heard “creative student”, “creative teacher.” This is what is called a creative person? A creative person is one who introduces the elements of the new, which improves, develops, enriches itself and the surrounding reality. This is a person who is able to create.

In difficult and difficult times we live. Maybe it is through this that we lose such features of a national character as hospitality, mercy, compassion. And this is not enough for our old grandfathers and grandmothers. I am ashamed to pass the subway passages, because there many people of old age are begging. This means that they are not needed by anyone: neither to the state, nor to their relatives. Having given their strength to the development of the state and the upbringing of children, they found themselves beyond the poverty line. Previously, the old people were treated with great respect. No wonder they said: “While the grandfather, while the bread, while the woman, while the council.” Even if the grandfather did not climb down from the oven, he could hear a lot of instructive and useful. For the children, he was an endless source of exciting narratives, stories, fairy tales. The Baba valued even more than his grandfather. She was a strict guardian of morals, festive customs, family traditions. Her presence at both the festive table and family councils strengthened the family, made it rich, spiritual.

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Does a person have the right to revenge?