I love you Russia

Born in Russia, you feel that she, like Motherland, loves her children as a mother. She gives them so much that no one has ever managed to fully repay this debt. And she does not demand it by the breadth of her soul. The key moment in these relations is the realization that you are a citizen of one of the most powerful countries and the most colorful one. So why do I love Russia? And what do I see our future with it?

Russia is one of the few countries that impresses with its diversity. Its natural resources, culture, minerals and landscapes are so rich that there is no such thing in any of the countries of the world. Museums, parks, forests, endless taiga, city, all this adorns, like precious stones a great power. But, the main attraction is people. The territory of the country is inhabited by different nationalities, which makes the culture of Russia so multifaceted. This adds warmth to your tolerant homeland.

But, more often than not, love for one’s country is formed for many years. The basic notion that this is my homeland, and there will be no one that gave me life, invested in me its breadth and expanse, helped to receive education, formed in early childhood. It is then when you are bored with the rain sitting at the window, when you pass by a thin birch, when from the window of a train or car you admire the immensity of open spaces. The country is rich, but its main treasure is in people’s spirituality. This gives meaning to the existence of all living things.

To the feelings appeared, and then had the opportunity to increase and strengthen, you need to try to know the history of the country as best as possible, and also get to know modernity. This is how you understand Russia more. There is a growing desire to shape their future in such a way as to bring more benefits to the country and its people. This enriches my life with meaning.

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I love you Russia