In the distance a lonely light

Trembling under the twilight of the limes;

The mystery of the cruel

The soul of fading violins.

In this poem introduces the image of a violin, which causes in our minds long, sad melodies, and this further convinces us of something sad and crying.

Fire in Feta’s lyrics is often associated with loneliness:

As on the midnight point

Under the haze of a secret sadness

These lines remind us of the previous poem, it feels the same sadness and sadness. It is not without reason that loneliness exists “under the veil of secret sorrow.” When we speak of the motive of fire, we mean fire not only, let us say, a fire, but also candles:

Mirror in the mirror, with a trembling babble,

I brought it by candlelight,

In two rows of light – and mysterious trembling

Miraculously the mirrors are burning.

In these lines, a candle accompanies the divination ritual. Therefore, fire here is perceived as

something mysterious. It can be assumed that two worlds are converging: the world of the earth and the heavenly world. Another poem, where divination is associated with something personal:

I remember, the old nanny

To me on Christmas night

About the fate of my fortune

When the candle flickers.

Words: “candle”, “night”, “fate”. In this series I want to add the word “mystery”. Probably, even fortune telling is a mystery that few can comprehend. The mystery of the poet’s fate is revealed to us by an old nanny. But the poet interrupts his poem, and without telling us what the nurse guessed. In this, it seems to me, the philosophical meaning is invested: why know your fate ahead of time.

A living fire with the lights of the sky in a dispute,

Like the ocean, the heavens opened,

And the earth is asleep – and it is burning like the sea.

There is water next to the fire. These two elements are basic in nature. In the poem, they are opposed to each other due to what from these lines is a tranquility and tranquility.

This calmness reinforces the phrase “and glows like the sea.” Here the sea is not a formidable element, but something harmless and very beautiful.

In the works of Fet there is often a motive of flight. Prior to him, he used Ostrovsky in the plays “The Dowry” and “The Storm”, the main characters who also wanted to fly. But Fet’s flight is not abstract. This, for example, is the flight of a bird:

But when it’s time to come,

From the nest you spread your wings

And, waving them trusting boldly,

Sweeping, swam across the sky.

The motif of flying in Fet in different poems has different meanings. In some cases, it means the coming of a new life, a return, a love. Such poems use images of a butterfly, a falcon. In other poems, flying is a transition to another world, to eternity. Such a flight is symbolized by rooks, autumn leaves flying from trees. Here you can include the poem “Again autumn shine of the day.”, “Butterfly.” These poems are vivid, from them the sun, warmth.

In the poem “On the couch, falling off, I look at the ceiling.” Shows the flight of rooks in a circle. The circle is a symbol of eternity. Death is meant here, but death is not like an end, a void, but as an eternity. The symbol of death in Fet is the bee, with which the poet also connects the motive of the flight.

The love theme in the lyrics of Fet has a deeply personal character. Love is connected with the poet’s girl, Maria Lazic, who remained for Fet the only beloved. This cycle includes poems “You suffered, I still suffer.”, “At home I dreamed the cries of your sobbing.” And others. You understood everything with the soul of the infant, What the secret power gave me, And though life without you is destined to drag me, But we are with you, we can not be separated. These lines are from the poem “Alter ego”, which in Latin means “second me”. His favorite poet will always remain with him.

The poem “The Bacchante” can be referred to the love lyrics. Feta always attracted to the beautiful, harmonious, which was missing in real life. Therefore, in his work in search of harmony and beauty, he turns to ancient times. In the poem “Bacchante” describes a passionate and beautiful girl: Throwing her head, with a smile of intoxication, Cool, she searched for the breaths, As if her hair was already beginning to burn Hot gold to her rose lush shoulders. Poetry Fet is unique and multifaceted. It can be read and re-read, and every time you will find something new and important that you could not notice before. Therefore, she is always young and beautiful.

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In the distance a lonely light