What is human rights?

Each of you is always connected with other people: for some you are a friend, for others – a friend. At school you are a student, at home for parents is a child. And yet, each of you is above all a Man who lives among other people. That is why we must reckon with those who surround us.

All people want to be loved, healthy, strong, happy and necessary to someone. Most people seek friendship, feel pain, need protection, security and confidence, they want to be respected.

In order to understand these simple truths, humanity has come a long way. Only after the Second World War it became clear that only an agreement between different countries can provide real protection of human rights throughout the world. In 1948, the Universal United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The proclaimed Universal Declaration of Human Rights emphasizes the need for all people on the planet to develop and apply their human and moral qualities, intellect, talents to meet their spiritual and other interests and needs. Human rights, protected by international instruments and laws of our country, are based on moral norms and moral values: justice, equality, respect for human dignity. Every country, supporting international instruments on human rights, undertakes to ensure that all people in this territory have such rights. Citizens of Ukraine have many rights.

Declaration – an official document, in which certain principles and provisions are proclaimed.

Human rights are the ability of a person to have certain material, social, cultural and spiritual benefits for his normal existence and development.

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What is human rights?