What are indeclinable nouns

What are indeclinable nouns

Declination is a change in the cases and numbers of nouns. There are three types of declination. In addition, there are different types of nouns (ten names of nouns of the genus that end in the name, as well as the words daughter, path, mother, child) and indecent nouns (foyer, metro, cafe, radio, show).

Those who do not speak are called nouns, which in all cases have the same form: I see a coat (v.), I admire a coat (etc.).

1) words borrowed from other languages ​​that end in a vowel and denote inanimate objects: cocoa, depot, coat, film, purse, aloe, taxi, coffee.

2) words borrowed from other languages, which call the representatives of male and female and end in a vowel: dandy, attache, impresario, lady.

3) words borrowed from other languages, denoting

animals: kangaroos, chimpanzees, cockatoos;

4) foreign names and surnames of the female, which ends in a firm consonant: Carmen, Helen, Miss, Madame, Finkelstein;

5) foreign words that are called geographical objects: Helsinki, Baku, Calais, Toronto.

6. Russian surnames, which represent the genitive form of units. and many others. numbers: Durnovo, Hitrovo, Polish, Kruchenykh.

7. Ukrainian surnames on – to: Korolenko, Franco, Shevchenko, Oleshko;

8) abbreviations are also indeclinable nouns, examples: FRG, MSU, UN, RF, USA.

When combining indeclinable nouns with different words, the form of their case can be determined by the construction of the whole sentence (for example, In the hall there was an old dressing table (named after the n.), Or by the endings of the names of adjectives, which are consistent with these indeclinable nouns: Maxim wrapped his neck round a warm mantle tv)

Inanimate non-inducible nouns are usually referred to as the middle genus: sweet Eskimo, woolen muffler, scheduled interview, metro station. The indistinct noun coffee (black) refers to the masculine gender, and the avenue and kohlrabi to the female.

Animate nouns refer to nouns. R. if they call females (frau, madam, miss, lady), and to m. if they call animals and representatives of a male (chimpanzee,

entertainer, dandy, attache, cockatoos).

The genus of non-inducible nouns that denote the names of geographical objects is determined by the genus of those common nouns by which these names can be replaced: Gaborone (city) – an indecent noun of the masculine gender, Missouri (river) – feminine;

The genus of complex words and abbreviations is most often defined by the genus of the main (reference) word when decoding: LFK – therapeutic physical training – feminine gender, since the main word is feminine; KGB – State Security Committee – masculine, since the main word is masculine; BelAZ – (Belarusian Automobile Plant) – masculine gender, since the main word of the masculine gender, etc.

Since indeclinable nouns are borrowed from other languages, their spelling should be checked in spelling dictionaries.

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What are indeclinable nouns