Composition in the form of a diary entry

Composition in the form of a diary entry

Today is the twenty-seventh of October, Sunday. I want to describe my impressions from today, so unusual and magnificent. Autumn this year was warm, dry. Yesterday, my friends and I decided to go for a walk in the woods, and pick up the last mushrooms. They were not so much because of the dry autumn.

In the morning I woke up with some kind of vague feeling, not the alarm, or the expectation of something unusual. I was also amazed by the light. He was bright and full. The whole room was just glowing. I went to the window. Oh my God! The street, all the houses and trees were covered with white-white snow. He lay like a soft fluffy blanket. How everything has changed! Even yesterday everything was gray, unprepossessing: gray houses, gray trees, even people seemed gray. And today we seemed

to be transported to a magical land. I was enraptured. I ran to the phone.

Sveta and Natasha have already seen how the world has changed. It was decided immediately to go for a walk. Running out of the entrance, we all three froze. The snow lay in front of us with an even blanket. He was fluffy. I wanted to sink to the ground to plunge into his fluffy softness. And from the sky, new snowflakes fell quietly and quietly. They were slowly spinning in their magic dance. There was no wind. It seemed that everything around froze, afraid to frighten off this first snow.

And snowflakes fell and fell. Then we began to catch them in the palm of your hand. They trustingly fell into our hands and immediately melted. The game so captivated us that soon we ourselves circled in a merry dance, enjoying the snow, the beautiful morning, the surrounding splendor.

Even our dog Tuzik was glad of the first snow. At first he stepped on him hesitantly. But then he started running around, sniffing and looking for something. There was not a soul around. Only a woman in the phone booth was talking to someone. Yes, on the balcony of the third floor, another woman stood and admired the first snow. And we all were spinning, holding hands and not noticing anything around except white snow.

I write these lines in a diary and again experience that amazing delight that engulfed us when we stepped onto a soft, white carpet. It is impossible to convey in words the joy that seized us at that moment. It’s not the first time it’s snowing. There is a long winter ahead, and there will be a lot of it. But the first snow always causes unusual feelings, creates the impression of something fabulous and beautiful.

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Composition in the form of a diary entry