What I dream about

I think every person has a definite purpose in life. While we are small, our dreams are small. The child wants a new beautiful toy, as in the shop window or the boy’s, or a new dress, or a Barbie doll. We are growing, and together with us our desires, aspirations, goals are also growing. One wants to unravel the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle and find the sunken Atlantis. Another person lives a dream to create unique medicines from all diseases or the elixir of eternal youth, health and beauty. The third dreams of flying in the universe, a meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence.

But sooner or later we all grow up and start thinking about the future profession. And here our aspirations become quite definite and meaningful. Someone wants to become a genius programmer, a computer expert, to make an informational breakthrough, to create programs that no one before him could create. Someone wants to become a doctor, a well-known surgeon, to save people from death and disease

every day. And somebody just wants to raise bread to feed all the hungry.

Is not it true that all these are lofty goals, and if a person does not give up, if he is determined to go to his dream, he will definitely leave his mark on the ground. Not necessarily his name will go down in history, but he will live a life not in vain, bringing joy and favor to people. Anatole France said: “A dream is more powerful than reality, and can it be otherwise if it is the highest reality itself?” She is the soul of what exists. “

Somerset Maugham stated that, unlike the existing view of the futility of a dream, it is “not a departure from reality, but a means to approach it.” If people did not imagine their future, they did not set themselves clear tasks, what would motivate them to be active, to life itself? Life without a dream is colorless, joyless and just useless!

The presence of a specific goal, the desire to do something concrete, necessarily significant and necessary, exalts a person. Everyone should have a dream, an ideal. Our dreams do not always line up in a clear line,

they do not always represent a bright image. Often a dream is a desire to achieve something big, great, bright. But how to do it, we do not quite clearly and clearly present. It’s about dreams that lead to action. And they, maybe, in due course become more clear and unequivocal as a result of these actions. I have such a dream.

I do not want to say that I can not imagine my future. I can imagine. And I dream of mastering an interesting profession for me. I want to be a lawyer.

Every day we face cruelty, injustice, lawlessness. And I really want to change something, turn this world face to the law and justice. It seems to me that with a serious relationship to the profession, I will be able to make a significant contribution to the improvement of our life, and that is why I am already studying courses in law school, studying special literature, watching programs dedicated to the topic exciting me.

But this is about the future profession. And I often find myself thinking that I want something more than to become an excellent specialist and perform my job qualitatively, which is very important. Sometimes I feel so much strength and energy in myself that I think I can do everything! If there was such an opportunity, I would devote myself to absolutely all areas of life. I understand perfectly well that the time will come when it will be necessary to determine what is the main thing in my life and devote myself entirely to work, family, and my beloved cause, when it will be impossible to “disperse”, because both work and close people and hobbies require time and focused attention.

In the meantime, I’m interested in everything new, I want to learn a lot, to become an interesting person. I want to be useful in any situation and I’m not going to lose a second. Probably, someone thinks I’m not serious watching how I learn to play the guitar, and then suddenly head off to the reading of medical literature, learn the basics of computer graphics and enthusiastically help my father and brother repair an electrical appliance. The people around me think that I can not decide, I grab everything.

But the fact of the matter is that I was determined. I want to know if not everything, then much, I want to learn something new every day and do not want to stop there. I do not know if I can call it a dream in the usual sense of the word, because my desires can not be entered into any framework, clearly formulated. But why not? Can! I dream to achieve perfection! Too loudly said? Probably. Moreover, there is no limit to perfection, because if this limit existed, then, having reached it, there would be nothing to strive for. When I think about it, it makes me sad. And what would happen next? Why then the remaining life, if everything is already achieved! No, it’s good that there is no such limit. This means that there will always be something that I do not yet know and can not, but I can learn and learn. And I have something to strive for! Maybe this is my dream, maybe,

Somehow, over those who say that he wants to achieve perfection, usually laugh or condescendingly smile in return. This does not stop me, and I will continue to work hard to achieve my goal.

The day when I do not learn anything new, do not do something important, useful, for me will be wasted. And I, in my endeavor, are supported by the words of P. Ya. Chaadayev: “Without a blind faith in abstract perfection, it is impossible to step on the road to perfection, which is carried out in practice.” Only after believing in an unattainable good, we can approach the achievable. “

To dream it is necessary about something more, than now you can reach. This will encourage you to constantly move forward and approach the coveted goal. Therefore, I set myself a goal and believe in the possibility of achieving it. And I do everything in my power and even more. Because, according to Chaadaev, “to deny the opportunity to achieve perfection, that is, to reach the goal, would mean – simply making achievement impossible.” And my goal is to keep moving forward!

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What I dream about