Letter to Don Quixote

Letter to Don Quixote

Dear, Don Quixote!

Recently I read one of the greatest literary works in the world – the novel by M. Cervantes “The Witty Hidalgo Don Quixote of Laman”. I was amazed at your image – the main character of the novel.

The impoverished hidalgo from Lamania, having read novels, imagined himself a valiant knight, called himself Don Quixote, and his nag to the noble and euphonious names of Rossinant, chose as the lady of the heart a simple girl from the neighboring village of Aldonsu Lawrence, having devised her the harmonious name of Dulcinea Tobosskaya. And as there is to the face of a valiant knight, you “fitted on the head of his latent helmet, putting on the shield in his hand, grabbed the spears” and “went wandering the worlds of horses

and weapons,” “to fight with all sorts of injustice.”

At first glance, you seem like an eccentric, striving to destroy injustice in the world, but almost all your affairs, contrary to good intentions, turn against you or against those people whom you are defending. The first journey of the newly-made knight ended up being beaten. The convicts, who were liberated by the noble hidalgo, who were at large, beat you with a stone and robbed you. And you are Don Quixote, you do not penetrate because you were taken away things, – you lament, “that people who did so much good, such things have done calamities.” You have a kind heart, always remain true to your ideals.

Don Quixote can not even imagine that someone can not stick to their word. You – the knight of the Sorrowful Image strive to make life better, you fantasize, the world around you see through the prism of poetry. I like your image of a valiant knight, Don Quixote. If there were no such people in the world, our life would be much poorer. No doubt you and Sancho Panza cause sincere sympathy. Your image began to symbolize the manifestation of the best and noble intentions while completely detached from reality. Approved the new term “quixotism”, which has a real meaning and manifestation of this phenomenon in real life.

People should from time to time think about whether there is any discrepancy between their desires and opportunities, between the real and the ideal. Therefore, the popularity of the novel is going through a century.

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Letter to Don Quixote