The story of friends are known in trouble

In the story of Yu. Kazakov “Quiet morning” it is said about two boys, Yasha and Volodya. Yashka took the boy out of the city for fishing, and Volodya fell into the water and almost drowned. In the place where the boys were fishing, there was a whirlpool, in which, as the village men thought, an octopus lives. Yashka was very afraid to climb into the water to save his friend, but still decided and saved him.

In the story, the author very accurately conveys the feelings of Yashka. At first he was very angry with Volodya because he behaved incorrectly, “in the city”, even shod his shoes, going on fishing. And the fishing starts unsuccessfully: the first fish in Yashka fell off the hook.

Then, when Volodya fell into the water and began to sink, Yashka is terribly frightened, because he thinks that an octopus can live in a pool. The boy even thinks that it is the octopus that pulls Volodya under the water. Then, overcoming fear, the boy still rushes

into the water. But Volodya does not understand anything from fear and almost drowns his friend. Yashka, saving his life, beats a drowning man, and Volodya goes to the bottom. Yet the boy can not abandon a friend and again rushes to his aid. But Volodya is no longer breathing. Yashka manages to pull it out and pump it out.

It seems to me that the author wanted to tell us this story that a friend in need can not be abandoned in any case. We must still try to save him, no matter how scary and dangerous. It is not without reason that they say: “A friend is known in trouble”.

While Volodya did not fall into the water, it seems that Yashka is very angry with him. One might even think that he hates Volodya. But then it becomes clear that Yashka belongs to the city boy in a friendly way. But even risking his life for him.

I think that Yashka is a real friend of Volodya. After all, he rushed after him into the water, although he was very afraid. At first he was afraid of an octopus, which, of course, could not really be in the river. And then he risks his life for real, because Volodya can drown him without realizing it. So often happens in our lives. We are often afraid of some things. Sometimes our fears are fabricated and in fact we are not in danger. And it happens that we really are in danger. But a true friend will still save a friend, despite a real or fictional danger.

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The story of friends are known in trouble