What is the word-building chain

What is the word-building chain

Concepts of word-building CHAIN ​​and word-form NEST

They refer to one-root (related) words.

CHAIN ​​is a series of single-root words in which each successive word is formed from the previous word.

For example, there is a word person. it is possible to form a verb from it. and from this verb it is possible to form another verb – to revet. further – a noun facing. from this noun it is possible to form an adjectival facing.

In this way, the word-forming chain was formed.

In this case, a strict sequence in this chain must be observed: every previous word in the chain with the next following it forms a word-formation pair. in which the first word is motivating, and the second is motivated. You can read more about the word-forming pair in

the answer here.

From one motivating word, several chains can be formed. For example, a person => depersonalize => depersonalize.

1) Nightingale = nightingale = in the nightingale.

2) Share => divide => separate => undivided => undivided.

NEST is the totality of all the crooked (related) words. The word-forming nest consists of chains. All words that enter the nest have not only a common root, but they must be united by a common semantic meaning. For example, the skull => crock; Cherezochek; cranial; the cranial one is one word-building nest, and ** the tile => the tile; tiled; the crocheted is quite another word-building nest, although they have the same root “skull”. But the meaning is different. Therefore it is believed that these are two different word-building nests.

Each nest consists of its own chains, which in some words may have many and which have different lengths, while others have very few.

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The word-forming chain, as well as the word-formation nest, are concepts of one of the sections of linguistics-word-formation.

The word-formation nest consists of all the words of one root, the root must have one meaning in all these words.

The word-building nest, in turn, consists of word-building chains.

In the chain, each subsequent word is formed from the previous one, if there is not this strict sequence, then it will simply be a set of single root words.

I think that on examples (see below pictures) will be more and more clear.

So, the word-building nest

Formative nest is all words with one root, which are arranged in accordance with the relationship of motivation. In turn, the chain is a component of the nest, each nest can consist of several chains. The chain is characterized by the dependence of each new word on the previous one, in other words the new word of the chain is formed by a slight change in the previous one.

In the example on the right are the chains. It can be seen that the word “To grow bolder” was formed from “Smile”. And all together this is just a word-building nest, which is formed from one word “Brave”.

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What is the word-building chain