Tsvetik Seven-flower

The fairy tale teaches children good, mutual help, helping each other. Helps children understand why they need to help first the boy, and then think about their desires. On such examples, children learn compassion, empathy for others. And they will treat the weak at school or in the yard not with anger, but as a normal person who needs support. More children would read such books and adults would direct them.

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The tale “Tsvetik – semitsvetik” has a very enlightening character.

Let me remind you of the short content of the fairy-tale: one day a girl gets acquainted with an old woman, she wants to help her and gives a seven-flower flower, each petal of which can fulfill any desire, it is enough just to say the cherished words.

The girl has spent six petals: on sweets, toys, flight to the North Pole and the like. But she did not get joy from her desires. When the last petal was left, she thought about

how to spend it. As a result, she helped a sick boy who could not walk, and the girl felt happy at the shower.

A fairy tale teaches us that we need to appreciate more spiritual, moral values, not material values.

Not everything in this life can be bought for money.

I think that in our mercantile times it is useful for children to read and watch such kinds of tales.

Now there are many films where heroes have a chance to do whatever they want, and as a rule, the desires of the heroes are just as useless as the first desires of the girl Zhenya from Kataev’s fairy tale. That is, this topic has not lost its relevance and will always be relevant as long as there is humanity. Teach this fairy tale of kindness, like any other fairy tale, teaches that there is nothing in the world more precious than human life and health, and all the rest is trifles that, like there were not many of them, will not bring a person happiness. Teaches this fairy tale and a serious attitude to life, teaches us not to scatter opportunities, but to use them, to catch the turned up luck. She also teaches compassion, sensitivity

to other people’s troubles and problems, teaches friendship and mutual assistance. Very useful tale in my opinion.

The fairy tale, which is called the Tsvetik Seven-Flower. carries its own morals about our life. And it says that a person can build his life on his own, he can dream, get life lessons and make mistakes.

And then he will always be able to correct his mistakes and understand that it is better to do it later than never to do.

The moral in the fairy tale is also reduced to the fact that you always need to help your relatives and friends, to show empathy and not to put yourself at the head of the corner, that is, to be an egoist.

A fairy tale and wisdom, which is very often not enough, but to achieve some kind of benefits in life, you need to make efforts.

No need to offend the weak, and often show good feelings towards others and sometimes ignore their own benefit to help another person.

And I would like to look at the fairy-tale from a philosophical point of view.

Life is a great value, which we receive as a gift, it is like a seven-flower flower. We are free to live it according to our desires, but is it always reasonable for us to live our lives?

Here we are, like the girl Zhenya, “consider the crow”, make mistakes, and then correct them. Or we want to get the coveted toy, without regretting it. Or we need to prove to others that we are the most-most.

And it’s good if a person manages to do at least one really important and meaningful business, so that the world will become better and kinder.

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Tsvetik Seven-flower