Coming my future profession military

For a long time the earth, covered with explosions, has grown over trembling birch groves, and the echoes of war are depicted in lines of military songs. Fathers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters who returned and remained on the battlefields, gave their descendants an unforgettable memory of the courage and heroism of the whole people. Following the precepts of the heroes of the Fatherland, I clearly understand what I want to become. The writing about the difficult, but honorable profession of the military, perhaps, will alarm the heart of today’s reader.

I wanted to become a military man in my childhood, when I sat on my grandfather’s knees, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, and admired the medals on his chest. They were heavy, cool and each with its own history. For hours, opening my mouth, I listened to stories about a bloody war, vividly drawing pictures of those terrible battles in my childhood imagination.

On Victory Day, my grandfather dressed

in a dress uniform, I his cap with a star, and we went to the military parade. And around the same ordenonosnye grandfathers and grandmothers, surrounded by a crowd of happy, laughing, carefree children and adults, congratulating each other, hugging and crying. Everyone on this holiday tried to come closer to the veteran, give flowers, bow his head in gratitude for the holy victory. I was terribly proud of my grandfather.

The profession of the military became my father’s choice. Immediately after the service in the army, he entered a military school, and left a young lieutenant to fight in Afghanistan. He returned alive and healthy, but with some kind of secret pain in the courageous glance of gray-steel eyes and tightly compressed pale lips. He never told anyone about this war except his father, when occasionally they would close in the kitchen and talk until morning. After growing up, I learned a lot about Afgan from documentaries, the Internet, the press. And I was very proud of my dad and, of course, with the deepest respect.

My future profession is an officer in the Armed Forces. Why do men become

military? Probably someone because of all sorts of material benefits and benefits. But I want to believe that many of our guys feel a sense of patriotism. They want to be useful to their country, to become its support and protection.

We all know that when a border guard with a dog runs into the night in search of saboteurs, he protects the inviolability of borders. When a naval sailor stands with binoculars on board a ship or at a periscope of a submarine, he protects territorial waters. Well, when an air defense soldier closely watches the sky, he controls the airspace of the country. Each type of army performs a certain function, trying to raise in its ranks worthy, literate, and, most importantly, brave defenders of the Fatherland.

A boy, a student yesterday or a student. goes to the emergency service, in order to return literally in a year to the matured, matured and matured citizen of his homeland. The army school provides an awareness of the importance of each individually for the common good.

Why do I want to become a military man. The answer is obvious. The profession of the military imposes a huge responsibility on the people who made this choice. Personally, I want to continue the tradition of my family, to become a competent professional, to defend my Motherland. and therefore all their loved ones and their countrymen, proudly bear the title of a career officer. From the purposeful cadet, I want to grow into a military commander. To be for your soldiers not only a mentor, but also a friend, and an elder brother, and a reliable comrade. I want to go through life confidently and nobly, without shaming the fighting honor, rewards and wounds of my heroic veterans – grandfather and father.

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Coming my future profession military