Writing about the truth

“Truth is more precious than gold” – this aphorism of Oscar Wilde carries a deep meaning that can not be understood from the first time. Is the truth simple? No. Behind every word of a person there can be a whole story of lies that is not visible to another. And the longer a person lies, the harder it is to confess to him. Every day more and more monotonous thoughts visit my head: “Why did not I confess yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week!?” But, nevertheless, when you confess, you are overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling of joy of victory over yourself, over your fear to admit.

Bitter truth is better to say at once than to delay the “sweet” lie. A person to whom you confess in something, it will be unpleasant to hear both things – the truth and the lie. But still, the truth, no matter how horrible she was, would be much more pleasant to hear than to know that he was upset twice: when they lied and when they presented

that message, because of which they had to lie.

It turns out that the truth must be told to everyone, always, everywhere and, most importantly, immediately? Yes, but only partially. In real life, even a relaxed truth can greatly offend a person or humiliate his honor. It is unlikely that Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya or other heroes of the war, even under torture would give state secrets. These people would never betray their homeland, because they were ready to die for it. They knew perfectly well that their native country was behind them, which is more important than their life. Of course, no one knows what would have happened if during the Great Patriotic War someone had betrayed our country in this way.

Out of love and respect for a loved one, we will never offend or prinimo it, having done a “good deed” by telling the truth. Each of us has in life such periods, when we simply do not have the right to offend the same appearance of a person by etiquette. In this situation, we have to lie. But to lie, – to do by definition evil deed – in the name of good. I think this is the truth that

Wilde does not call simple.

At the same time, very often in the life of each person does not happen as she would have wished. When reality turns out to be a loss compared to what a person expected, she is disappointed. And when these events are connected with someone else, things get complicated many times. In situations that seem to us to be straightforward and simple, suddenly new ways appear, unknown and variable, and the same unknown events.

The most terrible thing is that it is often not clear what motivates a person in his actions. After all, you can make some assumptions about these actions. and knowing something for sure is impossible. The only way to find out the truth is from the person himself. And there is always an option when a person will present you with lies in the form of truth. Maybe it’s just not quite true, because a person can just everything that happens with some blurred images or just something not to finish.

Can everyone see the truth? It’s easy to say something from the outside, it’s easy to condemn someone and calmly watch what is happening. And when emotions are mixed with objective reality, no one will guarantee that they will always tell the truth. Yes, and each of us knows well, what is the truth? By definition, truth is what exists or occurs in reality and corresponds to the existing state of things. That is, if you evaluate the truth by this definition, then it’s something impersonal, devoid of colors and emotions. But in any case, in any circumstances, one must remember that the truth is more precious than gold, although it can not be held in your hands and not obminyaesh for money.

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Writing about the truth