My Happiest Day Composition

Every man had days when he was happy, and when he was sad. And also, there was a day after the incident, it was long impossible to forget it. And I have a day that I remember most of all, as the brightest and happiest day of my life

This day is a bit of my past, but still he remembered me very much. I was then a small child when it was winter. It was a very snowy day – and there was a New Year’s Eve. Out on the street, it’s snowing, it’s getting dark, the whole family is preparing, bothering, and I’m at this time with my sisters, who are slightly older than me, all trying to figure out what they will give me. We are on a fluffy carpet – we all sit together, and delicious smells come from the kitchen. Mom takes care, Dad decorates the Christmas tree, a little late, but still. And we run to him in this help. I remember the first toy in my life I then hung myself on the tree just then. The atmosphere was the most, that neither is – magical

and warm. I still because of this and I love this holiday – the New Year’s holiday, because that night, on that same day remembered for me in my life, I have seen such dreams magical,

This day was remembered to me as brightly, as if it was only yesterday. No wonder he seems to me the happiest in my life – after all then my whole family was together in a friendly circle of the family.

Happiness is impermanent, you can not always be happy, because there will always be someone or something that can take you down to earth from heaven. That’s why they say – happiness lives forever, as long as it is invisible, but if it’s in sight – everyone wants to smash it to pieces, and then again there is envy. That’s why, in my life there were good memories, and bad ones that hurt me, and even now, there’s an echo there inside me.

But, despite this, I am a full-fledged person, and therefore – very happy. And not only because of that. There are many other equally important reasons.

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My Happiest Day Composition