The Battle of Kulikovo Field

In the second half of the XIV century. The Russian princes had already acted harmoniously against the Horde. In 1378, the military forces of the Moscow and Ryazan principalities, led by the Moscow prince Dmitry Ivanovich, inflicted the first military defeat on the territory of Ryazansky Tatars. But the great Lithuanian prince Jagiello hurried to help the Horde, whom the Russians feared more than the Tatars. To prevent Tatars and Lithuanians from uniting, Dmitry Ivanovich decided to give battle to the Tatars in the Horde steppe. Rostov and Yaroslavl princedoms came to his aid. The numerical advantage was, however, on the side of the Horde.

September 8, 1380 Russian troops crossed the Don and lined up on the Kulikovo field between the Don and Nepryadva. Before the battle, the founder of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, Sergius of Radonezh, addressed the Russian guards with a letter. This raised the morale of the soldiers who go to battle for Holy Russia. The 29-year-old prince Dmitry

arranged his army so that the Tatar cavalry could not strike him from the flanks, and hid in the ambush a reserve regiment commanded by voevoda Dmitry Bobrko-Volynets. Dmitry Ivanovich himself fought in the front ranks to inspire courage in the recruits.

According to legend, the battle began with a duel between the Russian warrior monk Peresvet and the “evil pechenegs”, who “are all terribly jealous” – was all very scary. The horsemen struck each other to death with their spears at full gallop.

Tatars first threw the light Polish cavalry against the Russians, but then the heavy Mongolian cavalry. Under their pressure Rusichi began to retreat, but at this dangerous moment the “ambush regiment” Bobroka attacked the Tatars. The Tatars rushed to flee. The enemy was defeated. Prince Dmitry for this brilliant victory was called Donskoy.

The battle on the Kulikovo Field consolidated the Moscow Principality leading role in the struggle for independence and political unity of the Russian lands.

The end of the XIV century. From the historical story “Zadonshchina”

about the Kulikovo battle of 1380

And the great prince Dmitry Ivanovich said: “Count, brothers, how many voevod does not we have and how many young people?”. Then Mikhail Andreevich, the Moscow boyar, said to Prince Dmitry Ivanovich: “Lord Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, we do not have forty boyars of Moscow, twelve princes of Belozersky, thirty boyars – Novgorod posadniks, twenty boyars of Kolomna, forty boyars of Pereyaslav, twenty-five boyars of Kostroma, thirty-five boyars of Vladimir, fifty boyars of Suzdal, seventy boyars of Ryazan, forty boyars of Murom, thirty boyars of Rostov, twenty boyars of Dmitrovsky, sixty boyars of Zvenigorod, fifteen boyars of charcoal Sgiach. And we all were killed brigade two hundred and fifty thousand… but Tatars were killed by the thousand! ..

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The Battle of Kulikovo Field