Painting by AI Kuindzhi “Birch Grove”

The secret of artistic skill of AI Kuindzhi consists in his unique ability to accurately convey the play of light and shadow when creating landscape samples, it is extremely true to choose the right colors for colors.

In his painting “Birch Grove” Kuindzhi creates a surprisingly lively and bright picture of a summer sunny day. Filled with light, white, almost luminous birches – and a thick shadow, imbued with sunbeams; dark green – and a dazzling blue sky. Everything here is built on contrasts. It seems that the elegant birch-girlfriends went out for a walk and whispered to each other, running all over the clearing.

The artist so expertly showed us a piece of a grove drowning in the sunlight, that it seems as if you are about to hear the rustle of birch crones and the chirping of birds, you will see the girls’ sarafans flitting between the trunks, leaving behind the mushroom-berries.

Kuinji and other masters of painting teach us to cherish and appreciate our native nature, to see the beautiful in the most ordinary and everyday and unselfishly share our impressions and good mood.

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Painting by AI Kuindzhi “Birch Grove”