The work on “The Benefits and Harms of the Computer”

In our stormy age. when all spheres of life are constantly improving and developing, it is difficult to find a home, office or enterprise in which there would be no computer. It is difficult to find a person, even among preschool children, would not have the simplest skills to work with this smart machine. What several decades ago seemed to be something incomprehensible, unknown, complex and almost fantastic, now it has become ordinary and accessible even to a child. Many no longer represent their work, learning and everyday life without a computer

The first electronic machines were invented in order to help a person to make complex mathematical calculations, to store in memory numerous huge formulas. But later it turned out that these machines can store and reproduce any other kinds of information. Many functions perform this useful and necessary device: both numerical calculations, and printing of books, and the creation and modification of drawings, photographs, movies, music.

With the help of a computer, modern machines, plants, aircraft, spacecraft are controlled. Physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering, industry, trade – which industry do not take, they are all equipped with computers and work according to pre-defined programs

The computer has turned into a universal tool for processing all types of information used by man. Since childhood, we are getting used to exciting computer games, exciting “tutorials”; we learn to read, write, draw, without departing from the screen; immediately watch movies, listen to music. Our parents use this machine to compose and transmit documents, write business letters, communicate with business colleagues. Modern achievements allow you to quickly communicate over the Internet with any point of the globe and learn about all the new information. Using a computer, you can create a home environment that meets all the tastes and desires of a person, choose the appropriate style in clothing, hair, cosmetics and much more.

Of course, all this is very important for a person. Therefore, the benefits of a computer are enormous. But

recently, scientists and physicians have become increasingly talking about the fact that this device is not so safe for human health. We are so used to the fact that much can be done with the help of a machine, that we do not want to write on our own, to do even the simplest calculations

“Why,” we think, “do everything manually, if you just press a button – and the computer will do everything for us”

A variety of computer games are so exciting that we forget about many other things, worries, duties and, as if enchanted, continue to look at the screen, clutching the mouse in such a way? At such moments, we do not think at all that the computer screen is a strong one radiation that is dangerous to vision, long hours spent near this machine can cause headache, fatigue and malaise. Current studies show that all this is part of the harm that a computer can bring to a human body. This is why those who are works out the latest models of these machines, first of all they do not think about what other innovations to add to the new computer model, but about how to make it less dangerous and harmful to human health. Of course, even realizing the guard before us is a threat, we are no longer we can give up the services of smart technology

But I hope. that in our developed century scientists will very soon find a way to invent a machine that will be absolutely safe for people. And then the computer will only benefit!

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The work on “The Benefits and Harms of the Computer”