The composition of reasoning The word about Igor’s regiment

The work “The Lay of Igor’s Campaign” is a valuable and unique work that not only displays some important historical moments, but also details the way of life, spirituality and culture of that time. The time interval of this narrative can be considered the end of the twelfth century, and the location, Kievan Rus. It can also be stressed that the work “The Lay of Igor’s Campaign” is not only valuable for the people living in the places of narration, but also for the whole world.

The whole story is written exclusively in the Old Slavonic language, which in the future was translated into modern. The main points of the work “The Lay of Igor’s Campaign” is the confrontation of Russian people with enemies, who now and then tried to gain power and advantage to us. The plot touches upon the reasons and details of the military campaign of the northern prince, Igor Svyatoslavich, which was carried out with the aim of liberating the Don

waterway, from the Polovtsi who seized him. And by this to protect the Russian people from the constant, devastating adventures of nomadic tribes.

The plot involves two brothers, Igor and Vsevolod, the sons of the great and invincible prince of Kievan Rus, Svyatoslav. The brothers decide to repeat their father’s feat and win the victory over the Polovtsians. They bravely fight, not sparing themselves, because behind their shoulders is a whole Russia and the whole Russian people. But despite all his valiant courage, the brothers are waiting for defeat.

Which their father had foreseen. He even foresaw the sad outcome of this battle. After Svyatoslav says its “golden” word, which contained a reproach, and some disappointment, Seversky princes, their haste and not calculated properly, the response of praise for their courage and bravery, as well as the rest of the princes of censure. In this he tried to call for the unification of the forces of the entire Russian nard against the enemy. This, he said, will protect and protect the entire people, from the barbarians and their atrocities.

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The composition of reasoning The word about Igor’s regiment