Composition about the library

There is a place where time itself seems to die, and everything breathes peace and pacification – it’s a library, a colossal source of knowledge.

Here, from the height of the shelves, look at us wise and unusually fascinating books. I really love the library with its uniquely quiet atmosphere, this quiet twilight and rustle of pages. This place has always been associated with me not only with science and studies, but also with entertainment, because there is no more reliable and reliable companion in life than a good book enriching the horizon and allowing to feel this world more deeply.

Every time I come to the library, I feel reverence for these outward bookshelves, and it seems to me that there will not be enough of a lifetime to have time to read them. However, at the same time, I understand that it is necessary to strive for this, otherwise life will become meager not only with knowledge, but also with feelings, because the book is the eternal source of

knowledge of human nature, emotions and experiences.

And even the library itself greatly influences the mood of the incoming one. There is no longer any place for children’s pranks, and the voice involuntarily becomes quieter, so as not to disturb this marvelous atmosphere of solitude and many, rich knowledge.

My favorite part of any library is the reading room. I like to watch people bending over books deeply engrossed in their entertaining content. But after a few minutes of observation, I myself am happy to carry myself to the magical world of the book lying before me, forgetting everything in the world, and even the fast-flying time.

Going to the library for me is not a holiday, but a much stronger feeling. The library has a kind of reliability, stability, and this feeling of eternity in many ways influences the mood of a person. And everyone who is attracted to reading, a craving for new knowledge, feels in the soul this hospitable atmosphere of the library, which opens the door to its admirers. And this very favorite environment allows me to absorb more knowledge and just relax among high shelving with our clever, loyal and faithful friends – books.

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Composition about the library