Composition on the theme of charity

Mercy. What a capacious word! And its meaning is deep. In the explanatory dictionary of SI Ozhegov, charity is treated as a willingness to help someone, forgive someone from compassion, humanity.

I would add this definition as follows: bring people, animals, plants good. And such a possibility seems to exist in every person’s life. Help an old man to go to a dangerous place in a noisy highway, pass a woman with a child or an invalid in the queue ahead of him, give way to them in transport.

Give your hand to the passerby on the icy sidewalk, say a heartfelt word of encouragement to a dejected friend, block out a girl from hitting a street hoodlum, go to a pharmacy for medicine for a sick neighbor, share someone’s grief and put your shoulder in misfortune – there really is no number of cases provided to our variegated and a diverse being, when one person can and must render service to another.

The main thing – do not pass by, do not turn away,

do not take your eyes out of the way, if someone nearby obviously needs help. And with whomsoever you meet, behave as befits a real man: do not kill anybody. Do not act like the sailors of the legend of the island of Samoa.

Once the steamer spent the night because of the fog near the island. The sailors entered the forest, began to build a fire. Cut the branches, cut and piled the coconut tree to pick nuts. Suddenly, in the dark, the merry sailors heard quiet moans and moaning. They were taken aback. All night the sailors could not sleep because of a convulsive rustle, sighs and groans.

At last it was light. What they saw shocked them: blood trickled from the trunk of a severed palm tree, red puddles stood. From the severed branches, scarlet drops dripped, ragged vines writhed on the ground like cut serpents. This is a sacred forest.

Do not do as people do in the stories of J. London, E. Seton-Thompson: they come up with new and more cunning ways of exterminating animals that have been recognized as their enemies: wolves, foxes, bears, harmless rabbits. And none of these people for a second does not

think about how shameful the violence they are committing is.

Writers ardently convince: human actions do not pass without a trace, because plants and animals, like people, live, feel deeply, strongly and require a merciful attitude to themselves. Grasping and torturing animals, a person commits a crime not only to nature, but also to himself, killing in himself the best sense of justice, kindness, mercy. It seems to me that charity is necessary, because, firstly, any person, animal, plant can be in a difficult situation, and secondly, according to L. Tatyanicheva, “it’s good to make good people yourself”.

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Composition on the theme of charity