Painting by Cezanne “Still life with a pitcher and drapery”

This canvas is included in a series of six paintings, each of which depicts the same objects collected in different order: patterned drapery, a white painted jug, apples and oranges laid out on dishes, a light tablecloth.

The hanging motley curtain divides the back plan of the picture into two parts. The folds on the fabric form triangles that are in harmony with the composition on the table – it also fits into the shape of the triangle and looks almost symmetrical. The table seems convex and raised at one edge. Cezanne deliberately admits such a violation in the future as a sign of rejection of the usual academic still life, where all subjects are viewed from the same angle. For shaping, shadows are used, written out in contrast to the main color tones.

In the picture you can see a few interesting visual effects. For example, it is unclear what exactly is shown to the left of the jug – the rim of the plate or the fold of the napkin. Thus Cezanne introduced into his work an element of the game for the mind and imagination of the viewer.

The artist did not hide the technique of performing the work: he deliberately left unfinished the bottom edge of the napkin, behind which the table can be seen. On this site, vigorous parallel strokes are clearly discernible.

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Painting by Cezanne “Still life with a pitcher and drapery”