Composition on the topic: The case of the master is afraid

The master’s case is afraid – folk wisdom says. But many people think differently: if the matter is complex, then it is possible to fail and face difficulties that seem impossible at times. Whoever thinks so, is simply lazy and does not want to work.

In any case, there are special features, difficulties, and sometimes “pitfalls.” It can take a lot of time, take a lot of effort. The most important thing in any business is the beginning. That’s what scares many. But it’s worth taking the first step, writing the first line of the essay, running the first lap in the training session – and it will go by itself.

On work, on work, there are many proverbs and sayings. “You can not easily catch a fish from the pond,” “You love to ride, love to carry and sleighs,” “Eyes are afraid, and hands are doing,” “Patience and work will all peretrut”, “Finished the case – walk boldly,” “Cause is time, fun – hour “and many other proverbs and utterances. All this is because work is the basis of human life. It seems to me that the proverb “Master’s case is afraid” is the main among the other sayings about work, because it contains the meanings and meanings of all the others.

The nature of man is such that he must work and work. Including yourself. For example, someone wants to pump up a press, but instead of doing business and shaking it daily, he whines that he does not have time and finds a million excuses. And everything is limited only by desire. But once you overcome yourself and just start practicing, then the result will be obvious. In any case, the main thing is to start, and then the hands will do everything themselves. The main thing is not to be lazy and remember that the master’s case is afraid.

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Composition on the topic: The case of the master is afraid