Composition on “Laziness”

“Labor feeds, and laziness spoils,” they say in the people. Laziness is a state when you do not want to do anything useful and useful. You know what you need, but you do not want to. For example, do not want to go to school or wash dishes after dinner.

There is also a global laziness – this is when you are too lazy to play, have fun and travel. It’s nice to be lazy. For example, lie in bed longer or all weekend “beat the buckets”. In some cases it is dangerous to be lazy. What will happen if, for example, a mountaineer is too lazy to secure insurance during climbing a mountain?

Leni can not be pandered. Once you give her, two – and now you have accumulated a mountain of unfinished business, unfulfilled desires. In the sink – unwashed dishes, on the table – an unfinished homework, in the hallway – dirty shoes.

I think that laziness is taken because people do something uninteresting. But there are things that still need to be done. For example, clean in the apartment – otherwise it will overgrown with dirt. One must observe discipline in life, in order then to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.

If a person does not work, it becomes boring, slow and stupid. As the hero of the novel by Russian writer Goncharov, Oblomov, who was all about to do something, but everything was lazy. Since childhood Ilya Oblomov has not been taught to work. He lived a boring and uninteresting life, achieved nothing, did not see anything.

Even with a lazy person it is unpleasant to deal with. He is waiting for someone else to do everything for him. Then he bothers with requests, then he pretends to be helpless to be rescued. You can not rely on a lazy person, he often leads others. In general, no benefit, not to mention help. And who wants to “nurse” with this?

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Composition on “Laziness”