The influence of the book on a person

How does the book affect a person? The famous Russian writer Fazil Iskander discusses this question in his text. This topic remains relevant for several centuries, because now it is very rare to find a man reading literature, even less often – a man completely immersed in the world of books.

In his text, the writer tells about his deep feelings, comprehended him after reading the novel “Anna Karenina.” Despite his young age, Fazil Iskander was able to understand the essence and thoughts of the heroes, plunge into their everyday problems and misfortunes. He calls the novel a house in which one wants to live. According to the author, most of all he was shocked by the tragic fate of the protagonist, who remained forever under the wheels of the locomotive.

The author believes that books can convey to the reader happiness, joy and faith in good things.

I agree with the position of the author. Yes, indeed, books contain a special energy that can positively

influence a person’s condition, change his mood and feelings.

In the famous novel by British writer Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice” we meet the main character, the author’s favorite, Elizabeth Bennet. From the very childhood, the girl was instilled with a love of books and English literature. Despite the ridicule of relatives, it was the books that helped her to remain herself, to make the right choice in different situations, and then to become the happiest bride of her beloved.

I, like many girls of my age, like to read books about love and other tender feelings, but among all the books I like, one holds a special place. M. Bulgakov’s famous novel “The Master and Margarita” became my most favorite work. I can read this story again and again, to delve into the words, thoughts and actions of the characters. Often I wonder if I could have acted as Margarita, Master or Woland did? This novel carries a huge number of problems that we face in everyday life, teaches us to do the right thing, to think not only about ourselves, but also about loved ones, to love, to forgive and to believe.

Unfortunately, at present we give books a minimal amount of time. Now it is very rare to meet a guy or a girl reading works of literature. It’s a pity, because books teach us how to live and survive in this difficult and cruel world.

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The influence of the book on a person