The Problem of Courage

The courage of people manifested in an extreme situation is the problem over which Vyacheslav Degtev is discussing in the story “The Cross.”

The moral question raised by the author belongs to the category of the eternal. Aristotle wrote: “Courageous is the one who fearlessly goes to meet the beautiful death.”

Vyacheslav Degtev, depicting the condemned priests, closed in the holds of a flooded ship, shows that at first they start shouting. But the powerful bass of one of the monks urged them to rally in prayer at this deadly hour. And then these courageous people began to sing. According to the author, “the prison turned into a temple.” “Fusing, the voices sounded so powerfully and so harmoniously that they trembled, the deck vibrated, all passion and love for life, all the faith in the High Justice was invested by the monks in their last psalm.” V. Degtev, in my opinion, is proud of the courage and will of these people.

I share the position of the author.

How these clergymen of the Orthodox Church remind me of the great Old Believer of Archpriest Avvakum, who for his faith bravely received a martyr’s beautiful death.

In “Komsomolskaya Pravda” recently read a story about a participant in the Afghan war, Sergei Peryshkine. It was captured by the dushmans, he refused to accept the Muslim faith, remained a Christian, for which he was executed.

Thus, I can conclude that a man of courage is faithful to his Word, Cause, Faith even in the face of death!

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The Problem of Courage