What is the vocation of writing

How important it is for a person to find his vocation. It is important for a person to find a cause for his soul, his vocation is the problem over which Shakhidzhanyan reflects. The moral question considered by the author belongs to the category of the eternal.

How much humanity exists, so many people argue about the problem of choosing the cause of their lives. V. Shahidzhanyan, discussing this urgent problem, speaks about its great social significance: the more people find their calling, the more of them will learn about happiness in work. The author believes that the main thing is to find one’s vocation.

A man will do it and the work will be a joy to him. To love one’s own business, to know and to take an interest in it, is the vocation, after which it comes to the master Recognition. I share the position of V. Shahidzhanyan: work in joy is a great happiness for a person, his family, and the benefits to society. Mark Twain has an interesting story. It tells about the life of people in paradise.

It turns out that there are no angels, saints, or divine idleness in the “that” light, but people live the same working life as they do on the sinful earth. The paradise from the earth is different only by one: there everyone is engaged in a business according to his vocation! A man who accidentally became a teacher in Paradise becomes an excellent bookkeeper.

A bad writer finds inspiration in the profession of a turner. The great Soviet teacher VA Sukhomlinsky in his book “Letters to his son” described his friend Yefim Filippovich. He was a gardener from God. Efim Filippovich created amazing crown beauty of a tree. Trees grown by his hands could easily be distinguished from thousands of others: they were all directed to the sun! Here he is, a man who finds a cause for himself!

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What is the vocation of writing