For the sake of life on earth, writing

All people dream of peace on Earth. It still hurts to recall the terrible and terrible events that occurred during the Great Patriotic War. The fascists did not spare anyone, even the helpless old people and children. This is nonhumans, because a person is not capable of such cruelty. There is reliable information about how the Germans skillfully scoffed at soldiers and civilians. Even animals do not kill their own kind. It hurts to think about what kind of torment and suffering the Russian people suffered.

The war left a trace in every family. For anyone, it did not pass without a trace. If it were not for our soldiers, it is not known what would become of the whole world. They sacrificed themselves for the sake of peace on Earth. Who knows, the fascists would stop if they could capture our country. Perhaps after our state, they would be at war with other countries, subordinating them one after another. Therefore, our soldiers have won peace not only in their country, but also

on the whole planet.

The Germans also captured other countries before they reached Russia. However, the soldiers defending our homeland defended not only their country, but also liberated others. All people owe their lives to those who have not spared their lives for the sake of the happy future of the next generations. Soldiers, without hesitation, rushed into battle, they knew that their sacrifice would not be in vain. It’s terrible to think how many people died in terrible torments for our sake and for us to live in peacetime.

I am happy that I live at a time when there is no military action in our country. We must remember those people who gave us life and provided a peaceful existence. These people had families, but they knew that if not they, then our country may not be. The generation of people who fought at that time is gradually withdrawing from this world. In our time there are very few veterans left. All people simply have to remember their exploit and honor their memory, because if it were not for these brave people we would not be here now.

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For the sake of life on earth, writing