Composition on the theme of the pantry of the sun

The main heroes of the fairy tale were Nastya and Mitrasha. This is the sister and brother who are left without parents. Neighbors invented them affectionate nicknames – “golden chicken” and “peasant in a bag.” The children suffered a severe test – to keep the farm that was left after the death of their parents. Nastya and Mitrasha lived in peace and harmony, that’s why their affairs were also disputed – the house was clean, the cattle were examined. I think that the theme of friendship is the main thing in this work, because only together the main characters overcame all difficulties.

Outwardly the children were very much alike – both with snub nose, all in freckles. Brother and sister were distinguished by diligence, intelligence, economy. But the characters they had different. The author describes the author as an obstinate, and Nastya – as compliant, soft, sensible. This led to a quarrel (it’s good that her

sister was several years older than her brother, otherwise they would often clash). Once the children went to the forest for cranberries. The path was long, difficult. Tired guys sat down to rest on the Lying stone, near which grew two trees. According to legend, many years ago the wind brought two seeds to this place, they fell into one hole and grew together.

The roots of spruce and pine were interwoven as human destinies. It seems to me that the author compared Nastya and Mitrasha with these trees. That’s why when the children quarreled, the trees also moaned under the gust of wind, as if supporting a dispute. The discreet Nastya suggested to go along one path, and the stubborn Mitrasha – on the other. Nobody wanted to give in. After a short quarrel, the brother and sister went in different ways. Soon Nastya came across a whole field with cranberries and began to collect berries. I was very surprised that such a sensible girl at the sight of a rich crop forgot even her own brother. Nature tried to remind Nastia of Mitrasha. After meeting with the snake and moose, the girl realized what a terrible place

her brother had gone to. She wept bitterly. Was Mitrasha destined to die in a merciless swamp? No. The boy was saved by friendship, but not between people, but between man and animal. He escaped death thanks to the dog.

The grass for two years longed for its dead master – the old forester Antipych. The animal was very attached to man. It is interesting that the dog divided all the surrounding people into two types: Antipychi and his enemies. The grass simply could not live without its dead friend. She was so used to go hunting with the owner that she continued to do so even after his death. It can be said that the dog lived for Antipitch. The grass was used to give all the prey to the forester, and when he was gone, she even forgot to eat after a successful paddock. Mitrache was lucky, because the dog took him for his master. The animal helped the boy get out of the quagmire, both were happy. The theme of friendship and mutual assistance is revealed in yet another episode. When fellow villagers heard that in the yard where Nastya and Mitrasha lived, in the morning a hungry beast howled, they realized:

I was pleasantly surprised that people did not remain indifferent, they were ready to give up all their affairs and go in search of a brother and sister. Fortunately, the small collectors of cranberries found their way home. After all the tests that have fallen to their lot, the children realized that the most important thing in life is friendship and care for loved ones. Nastya, who with such greed collected cranberries, gave all the berries to children evacuated from Leningrad. The girl was ashamed of her unworthy behavior, she realized that the most important thing is that they have good relations.

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Composition on the theme of the pantry of the sun