“The art of dance” composition

Dancing is an excellent exercise that helps to develop the body, make it more fit, but not only it is important, because such a hobby can completely and completely change a person’s worldview, make it better and kinder.
Dances can in some way be regarded as a small life. I do not consider dancing to be a usual hobby or hobby, because even the simplest movements can fill the inner world with special emotions that help me to enjoy life to the fullest.

It is very important for those parents who want their children to grow strong, kind and cheerful, then they should give their child to dance from childhood. It was my parents who did it, which I’m very happy about.
For a start, I attended rhythm, where our group was taught how to correctly listen to the musical rhythm. And after they gave me to dance. And although at first I did not understand why I needed this activity, soon everything cleared up. Rhythmic movements teach a person very much.

He who

dances, very well feels his body. And it helps a person to behave more relaxed in everyday life. Therefore, if at first children do not understand why their parents give to dance, then after a while they no longer understand life without these dynamic movements.

Here the main tenacity and remain faithful to your favorite business and then everything will turn out all right. Therefore, I believe that dancing is for me, because they give freedom, thanks to them, even on the world you start to look differently, and the circle of communication becomes wider, because practically all the mobile youth are involved in dancing.

I dream, to achieve something significant in this sphere, and eventually become a coach for children who have low self-esteem or just a heavy character. I want to help people open up, do not be afraid to realize their dreams, even if at first they seem unreal. But it’s great when there are so many good people working in one business.
In addition, it is important not to be afraid to participate in various activities. This process is actually very interesting and also helps to find a lot of friends who will give useful advice, talk about their direction in the dance and teach something useful.
Therefore, I advise those who have not yet found themselves, to do exactly the dances, because they give the person wings, and after a while you begin to notice that you do not move, but you hover on stage.

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“The art of dance” composition