The Painting Savrasov “Sukharev Tower Moscow”

Soon on our website (“Secret Pages of Russian Painting”): “Unfavorable life circumstances forced Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin to lose 20 years of artistic life, but despite this, he took a worthy place among the best Russian and foreign painters. Tropinin was never abroad, and he developed his talent by studying nature, living mainly in Little Russia, and his talent and artistic skill were such that many took the portraits of V. Tropinin for the works of Rembrandt, so much was in them. Itelnogo color and light strength is graceful female heads brought him the reputation of “Russian Dream” Painter did not correct the nature of the model and do not embellish it with artificial effects.; with every possible thoroughness he conveyed the almost imperceptible features of the face of the person depicted. The poses of people in V. Tropinin are natural and diverse, the execution is impeccable, and the picturesque effect comes from a striking similarity with the nature

of the model. ” – Read completely “

“Rooks have arrived” – a wonderful picture, the same poetic, and at the same time sad and joyful, true spring, as an introduction to the “Snow Maiden” of Rome! Another winter. A gloomy, gray horizon, a distant snowy plain, an old church, pathetic houses, bare trees, chilly in cold dampness, almost dead from a long, heavy sleep. And here it is felt, as through this damp and cold, dead, endless haze, the first light and gentle whiff of warmth, of life, rushes. And from the caress of this breath the pond melted, the trees started to revive, the trees revived, and the snow shroud quickly disappears. A whole flock of merry birds rushed with this wind. They settled in the trees and tirelessly repeat their joyful message about the nearness of spring. ” – Read completely “

“The main difficulty in the formation of the creative personality of Savrasov, like Klodt and Shishkin, was that the process of its formation took place at a time when the landscape genre in democratic Russian painting was still in its infancy, so the Wanderers of the first generations had to, each in his field, to act as pioneers, but to become pioneers was not an easy task. Therefore, the inherent poetic perception of the native nature of Savrasov is in the early landscapes of the artist inorganic for not. A form of academic romanticism This brings contradictory traits in the early work of Savrasov. “- read more”

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The Painting Savrasov “Sukharev Tower Moscow”