Biography of Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati – tennis player, was born on March 29, 1976 in the city of New York. The most famous as a teenager is a tennis idol.

In her biography, Jennifer Capriati at the age of 14 was in the semi-finals of the French championship. The following year, she became the youngest female athlete in the history of women’s tennis, passed into the semifinals of Wimbledon. And in 1992, Jennifer won a gold medal at the Olympics in Barcelona, ​​defeating Steffi Graf.

It seemed that Capriati could not withstand the pressures, the hopes placed on her, mixed with the youthful perception of the world. Her sports career began to decline. In 1993, Jennifer was caught during a shoplift in Florida. The following year, she was arrested for consuming marijuana during a party at a Florida motel.

These incidents were published and distributed to the masses, so that a steady picture of the fall of the teenage leader emerged. By the late 1990s, Capriati began to return to the sport a little. And in 2001 she unexpectedly won her first Grand Slam title, having won the Australian Championship. Her success Jennifer repeated at the 2001 French Championships. In January 2002, in the biography of Jennifer Capriati again won the title at the Australian Championships. Then the sportswoman defeated Martin Hingis. At the Australian Championships in 2003, Jennifer withdrew from the game after the first round. Since then, her career is hampered by injuries to the back and shoulder joint.

Additional information: Other tennis stars are: Serena Williams, Amanda Ketzer, Venus Williams, Anna, Kournikova.

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Biography of Jennifer Capriati