Painting by Kuznetsov “Interrogation of Salavat”

Alexei Alexandrovich Kuznetsov is an artist who in his paintings tried to convey various historical events in order to make viewers think about the past and the present of the country and about his own destiny in it when looking at them. One of these pictures is “Interrogation of Salavat”.

Salavat Yupaev is considered a true hero of the Bashkir people. Kuznetsov was very interested in this historical figure, so before writing the painting, the artist read all the historical documents about Salavat and visited the places of his stay, so that the picture turned out to be true and truthful. Therefore, when he did write his creation in 1955, he immediately won the hearts of all spectators.

In his canvas, Kuznetsov portrayed Salavat as a true hero of Bashkiria, thus a warrior without fear and reproach, which even during interrogation remains true to his ideals. And it is not by chance that Salavat in the painting is portrayed as a face to the audience, and representatives

of the authorities – with his back. Thus, the artist focuses on his canvas on the face of the hero – harsh and without a shadow of fear. He believes in what he does, in freedom and equality of the Bashkir people and with his whole appearance tries to show to the torturers that he will not renounce his ideals even under the most terrible tortures.

And that the spectators are still waiting for him, the spectators can guess on the image of a rack and flaming fire, where the executioners are already scorching the instruments of torture. In addition, some of the picture is still immersed in darkness, hiding in the dark even more sophisticated tools for torture. Salavat does not see them, just like the audience, but the subconscious paints absolutely eerie pictures that would scare any, but not the hero. He proudly towers over his tormentors and looks down on them with contempt, and in his gaze is read such a power of the spirit, which they never dreamed of.

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Painting by Kuznetsov “Interrogation of Salavat”