The composition of the picture Vereshchagin “Winners”

This picture, we can refer to the cycle of Balkan paintings, which the artist dedicated to the Russian-Turkish war of 1878-1879, where he himself took part. This is one of the famous paintings was written in the same period.

His work, Vereshchagin dedicated the tragedy. Telish is a settlement, it was under this settlement that the entire regiment of Russian soldiers died, and all this was due to the mistake of the commanders.

This picture differs from other pictures of the Balkan cycle dramatically. On it we do not see the parade procession, the rushing squadrons or the carrying of trophies, the picture depicts a field on the ground of which lie the corpses of soldiers. It’s strange, but this is not the final part of the war, it is the reality, the truth, about which we often forget. War is always a loss, and it does not matter in your army or enemy army, we are fighting against the same people as us, they just have a different nationality and faith. their customs and customs. We are not obliged to accept their principles, but they also have the right to freedom of their people. Vereshchagin shows a cruel sight, the Turks changed into costumes of the killed Russian soldiers.

The artist is restrained in color. In my opinion, in his film he tries to show the people that not always the battalion commanders make the right decisions, it’s terrible to realize that because of the mistake of the not quite intelligent commander, an entire army was killed. Soldiers who blindly believed their commander paid with their lives, leaving wives and children at home. We all too often forget that our ancestors won the land for us, many simply do not want to know, their history is strange. Without knowing the history of man there is no one to thank, he looks stupid, because he can not have his vision on this picture. Thanks to the artist, that showed us not the result. Namely, the process of war, on which we thought about.

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The composition of the picture Vereshchagin “Winners”